Today in our society we are consumed with trying to be the best of the best. We are caught in this world where people expect us to be perfect… flawless, but in reality we all know that it is nearly impossible to reach that. As a source I will be the book What Drives Winning by: Brett Ledbetter.

In the book What Drives Winning by Brett Ledbetter he gives very different viewpoints on different ways that you could strive to be a better person in your sport as well as in the real world. In my research paper I will be trying to educate people on building the right mindset to strive for greatness, the importance of of goal setting,  how we need to work on moral skills to focus on as well as the performance skills we need to focus on, how pressure is our friend– we shouldn’t be afraid to it, and last but not least how to deal with failure because at some point in your life than once you will run into it. These will help you to succeed in your sport.

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