I am researching the impact of medical waste on our environment. I am interested in this topic because it impacts everyone not just a single group of people, almost everyone has had a shot or had some medical procedure done and how we deal with the waste impacts the whole world. Before my research I didn’t know much about the impacts of medical waste on our environment. Sure I’ve seen the orange bins in doctors offices that say hazardous material but what happened beyond that I didn’t know.
We deal with medical waste in America according to Pollutionissues.com some of the “…technologies include incineration, steam sterilization, dry heat thermal treatment, chemical disinfection, irradiation, and enzymatic (biological) processes among others.” The process stated above are often harmful to our environment but the only way we know to get rid of hazardous materials. But this problem expands far from America it is present everywhere even in Pakistan. There they have far less regulations and used medical waste is a source of income for some and for others an aid to their drug habit. Truth-out.org follows a Khan a young man trying to make money off selling medical waste “Khan earns about $5 a day by selling what reusable medical refuse he collects from garbage dumps across the city to scrap dealers.” This isn’t just a single countires issue but a global issue.

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