Climate change has been a hot topic in the news for a while now and you often see various “go green” campaigns encouraging people to be more conscious of how they affect the earth. But how much do these efforts help? Could it be too late to counteract climate change?

“Currently the atmospheric concentration of CO2 (the leading greenhouse gas) is approximately 398.55 parts per million (ppm). According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the federal scientific agency tasked with monitoring the health of our oceans and atmosphere, the current average annual rate of increase of 1.92 ppm means we could reach the point of no return by 2042” (Scientific American). This was written in 2015, and climate change has accelerated more than expected since then. Some environmental groups, such as Greenpeace, say that we must reduce carbon emissions significantly by 2020 in order to prevent “runaway” climate change.

Luckily, small actions can make a big difference in preventing climate change. Weatherproof doors in your house to reduce the need for air conditioning and heating. Replace regular light bulbs with energy-efficient ones. Avoid driving (or carpool) as much as possible to reduce the amount of pollution emitted into the atmosphere. Partake in “meatless Mondays” to reduce environmental stress caused by the meat industry. And finally, be conscious to eat all the food you buy to avoid creating additional waste.



  1. Mimi 4 years ago

    Olivia, so far your research is really great! Climate change is a very real and scary thing that seems hopeless. I’m curious to see what more you find out!

  2. Jack 4 years ago

    Olivia, I am interested to know what the long-term effects of climate change are. I’ve always heard that temperatures are increasing so drastically that the polar ice caps will melt and flood the earth. Is that right? Also, what’s the deal with recycling? I heard it doesn’t help at all. Is that true too? Should I just stop recycling then? I’ve heard so many different sides of this issue and the info seem to be changing daily; I really don’t know what to believe. I’ll try to do what you recommended but from what you say and from what little we are doing to change right now, I feel like I should start investing in a scuba suit or trying to grow gills.

  3. Mae 4 years ago

    Although climate change is a very real and scary thing, you post offers me a little hope. I hope that it is not too late to stop the Earth from deteriorating to levels we cannot come back from. It is nice to know that a few small actions that anyone can do can make a difference. I will be sure to instate some into my life. Thanks for this post. It is well researched and written, and I look forward to hearing more about this subject!

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