Is 2D Animation disappearing from mainstream media? In 2013, Disney, a company that produced fantastical pieces such as Fantasia, Lion King, and, The Little Mermaid announced that none of their animation companies were working on traditional 2D animation and never plan on returning to it again. With the rise of a variety of successful 3D animation studios including Laika (who also in tandem use stop motion animation), Dreamworks, and Disney, there seems to be little room in pop culture for traditional 2D animation anymore. So, the question is: will we see the decline and eventual disappearance of traditional animation?

The answer is maybe.

Although 3D animation is heavily focused on computer generated images and models, there is still a requirement of animators to have a base skill in cartooning as well as 2D animation. The breakthrough with 3D animation is that the frames in between certain motions can be computer generated and not have to be hand drawn. However, according to John Lasseter, chief creative officer of Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Animation studios, 3D animation takes a lot of references from traditional animation. However, there are instances where computer generated images allow animators to easily control and focus solely on the movement instead of worrying about lineart, color, or even the characters shrinking or growing.

Fortunately, this does not mean that 2D animation will be gone forever. There are those passionate with 2D animation including those at Cartoon Network as well as Disney Channel XD. As long as there are people willing to make good art with their media, the media will never die.


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