Technology is a very wonderful thing. It can connect us to others, give us information and give us a certain calm feeling. But too much of something is not always a good thing. This is because we are spending more time than ever glued to our screens. The point is that it is taking a huge toll on our health. Need proof? I’ll tell you.

All of us scroll down a type of social media whether it’s the daily news, Instagram or Twitter. The truth is, it’s wrecking our spine scrolling through the feed. Recent research by New York spine surgeon Kenneth Hansraj found that if you tip your head 60 degrees to stare at your phone, you are putting 60 pounds of pressure on your neck. Also, recent research has shown that being in front of the computer all day can ruin our stature. Crazy right? You can also get blemishes from your phone from all the bacteria on your phone and men can even lose sperm count if they work with their laptop on their lap because it is hurting their reproductive systems. Ever heard of text claw? It has no official diagnosis “yet” but the symptoms are real. This is from people grasping their phone too much which may cause a certain type of tendonitis. Even though there are many more physical effects, there are also mental effects too.

Too much technology can literally change your brain. Research shows that technology is actually rewiring our brains. This is from multitasking and the addiction we feel when we are without it. Ever feel a withdraw when you are without your phone? Well 66% of people say that they are feeling withdraw without their phone. So you are not alone! With having the same tie to loneliness, more lonely people just turn to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter more often. Experts conclude that it’s an internet paradox that is a real phenomenon. This can turn to a loss in happiness and satisfaction. Is your sleeping pattern not good? Make sure you don’t use electronics before you go to bed so it doesn’t adverse your sleep cycles. Overall, even though these amazing everyday electronics are so depended on, they do mess with our health in different ways.

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  1. Ellisandra 7 months ago

    Great post! Very interesting. We use our phones so much and are constantly on them. It’s scary and interesting that there are actual withdrawal problems when we aren’t on our phones. Makes me want to put down my post.

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