With accusations being thrown around about the hacking of the us election, there are things that are coming to light and things that remain to be uncovered by the people working on this case. I chose this topic because I feel that is it incredibly important as the world is becoming more and more technological and people are finding ways to get around what defenses we have in place with malicious intentions in mind.


According to SOFREP, with new light shed on the alleged Russian hackers , four people have been arrested on charges of treason with reported ties to the hacking of the US election. This begs the question, how did they get past our security to be able to effect something so major to the county. While there is still much to be found out about this event such as if they were part of a larger group of even if they were hired by someone else to do this. While there may be a bigger picture here, there is still much that remains to be discovered.


According to another article by the NY Times there has recently been changes to longstanding rules and regulations for the NSA in that they have been allowed more jurisdiction in an effort intercept communications such as they one they found before inquiring about the trump administration. The changes are major in that they change what the NSA can do with the information once it has been obtained and how they can proceed with precautionary measures in order to shed light on the situation.



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