Research shows that being separated from their birth mother has an enormous effect on the child’s unconscious psyche. Even if the child is immediately placed within a loving family, there is still trauma from the severing of the in utero bond. A child does not have a sense of self at birth, their sense of self is contained within their Mother. As a result, desperation of the two can leave the child feeling as if they’ve lost themselves as they have lost their mother. Adoptees also have separation anxiety. This manifests itself in an inability to trust others and a difficulty establishing healthy long term relationships.

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  1. Mae 2 years ago

    I think this is an interesting post. I for one didn’t know any of the issues that are associated with adoption, and what the long term affects are. I think more people should be aware of this so they can talk to adoptees and address their issues. Thanks for writing this Sarah good job! I look forwarding to reading more as you continue to research.

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