Scientists have spent a lot of time researching the power of meditation. With its coming popularity in the West, people are looking for proof that it benefits them. Yale and Brown are among the universities who are researching the impacts on the brain. They have found convincing evidence that meditation can really impact the lives of those who do it. Among these impacts are a reduction in grey matter when aging, which means the brain is being preserved. There is a reduction in the “me center” of the brain, with less wandering thoughts and stress about past and future events. Amazingly, the effects of meditation on depression rival that of antidepressant and anxiety medicine. It improves concentration and focus by 16% in just a few weeks of practice. It also reduces pain censors in the brain, where people can control more of their bodily reactions. The evidence is convincing that meditation really can affect the daily lives of its users.



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  1. Caroline 4 years ago

    This was so interesting. After taking yoga, I also agree that meditation can have many positive impacts and that if we implement this daily we could all live happier, better lives. I also think that meditation allows you to focus on the things that are important in life over the wants of life. Learning about how meditation affects the brain was so interesting. It also brings up the question of why meditation is causing this reaction in the brain and what meditation has that affects the brain so positively.

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