What does it mean to be a well trained police officer? photo

Did you know that a professional hairstylist spends more time learning about their profession than a police officer? This should make citizens feel unsafe. Citizens are getting help from cops that have very limited training. Based on the evidence, the main reason why there is police brutality is because police officers are not being properly trained.

To begin, the lack of training  has created a bias problem. Bias means to favor one’s side more than the other, so in this case, police are favoring white people over colored people.This makes people of color be targeted more for crimes and police harassment. In an interview with an Oakland resident who had an encounter with a police officer, he talked about his unfair treatment. He explained “as a police officer asked me a question I kindly asked him if he could repeat it again (in spanish) and his partner asked him what did I say and the police officer who asked me the question responded by saying “Nothing nothing he’s just a stupid Mexican” This shows the bias problem in the situation. The fact that he called him a stupid mexican was very wrong because it showed how he was targeting colored people. The keywords of this situation are  “stupid mexican”. The police officer used the words stupid mexican therefore the police officer was being both racist and bias. The words stupid and mexican expresses the way the police officer actually feels towards the people of color. Also he did not bother to repeat the question he asked to the oakland resident which is completely rude.

Many think there isn’t a bias problem and police have more than enough training because of all the hard exercise they do for example


Workout one


  • 20 second treadmill sprints
  • Knee to elbow push ups
  • Triangle sit ups(10 each leg)
  • 30 sec Treadmill sprint
  • Regular push ups (10-15)
  • Single leg kicks
  • Knee-to-chest push ups
  • 30 seconds treadmill sprints
  • Russian twist

(John Anillo)


These exercises help them in training for their ability to be active and their service shape to be prepared for the unexpected by staying on top of their shape. However, even though they have hard exercise they still don’t know much about the city that they are serving. Police officers spend 6 months only exercising and no research or take the time to just walk around the city to see how the environment is and just see it as a person and not the eyes of an officer. Many people are afraid of police officers when they are nearby and that’s because they have never seen an officer take time to bond with the community that they are serving to. Also, police are training for at least 6 months with only exercise but do they really train them and teach them about what it means to be a Police officer?


Overall, through all the research I did, I came to a conclusion that police should have more time in training, less exercise, and spend more time with the community that they are serving to due to the bias problem that is happening. I believe that if police officers change the way they train and actually get to know the community and communicate with the people around them then the bias problem would change.

What does it mean to be a well trained police officer? photo

Photo by fourbyfourblazer

Photo by fourbyfourblazer

Photo by fourbyfourblazer

Photo by fourbyfourblazer

Photo by fourbyfourblazer

  1. Saveina 4 years ago

    I agree that police officers need more training in aspects other than physical. It’s sad to hear about the prejudices placed upon people of color especially when it’s people we know and done by people of authority. I recently took a psychology of prejudice class and it really opened my eyes to the many stereotypes being created about people or color. I feel that if police officers were to take something away they should have a mandatory session about learning about their innate biases.

  2. Karina 4 years ago

    I completely agree with you on the fact that police officers should undergo additional training other than their physicality. Not saying that their physical healthy is not important, but what is also just as important is to be able to remain subjective and open minded when dealing with the public. No police officer or anyone working within the community should withhold certain types of biases and/or perceptions about certain groups of people regarding their race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientations, or disability. Most of what we, as nation, have heard and seen throughout recent years about police brutality on people of all skin colors could have been easily avoided if officers were trained properly on different types of social situations.

    I really enjoyed your post. Thank You.

  3. Adanely 4 years ago

    Dear Noyoltzin

    I am excited about your post What does it mean to be a well trained police officer? because you have really interesting facts about the training. One thing you wrote that was interesting was the fact that you put the training in your article.

    • Author
      Noyoltzin 3 years ago

      Dear Adanely, thank you for your comment. A well trained officer is a officer who engages with the community that they are working with. Right now police officers get trained for 9 months and then start working with a community that they don’t even know. What do you think it means to be a well trained officer?

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