Drugs can have a negative  problem on teens.

“The often rough teenage years can take an emotional toll on children,sometimes even causing depression,so when teens are given a chance to take something to make them feel better,many can’t resist” (Partnership for drug-free kids).This quote is important because teens feel like that is the way to escape.

Firstly, teenagers do drugs because they are depressed Evidence:

Teenagers feel nobody likes them they feel alone because they are trying to figure out who they want to be. They act like they are adults and sometimes have attitudes towards others opinions. This might make them lonely and maybe depressed. Since they are alone they can be vulnerable of being teased and bullied. All of this can make them overwhelmed.

According to the National institute on drug abuse, teens can start using drugs because of “Poor self regulation that can lead to frustration and constant negative attention on the child by peers and teachers at school” (National Institute on drug abuse). This is significant because it shows that they have a hard time during school, and have difficulty dealing with stress. Being overwhelmed with stress,  they feel that the drugs will change everything; that the drugs will take the pain away in order to feel good but sometimes it doesn’t work they just do it because their friends do it or the friends tells them to try it already once and so they do it without knowing what can happen at them or else there can be so many consequences and their bad.


Secondly, teens may also do drugs because of family problems.

Families argue, and they feel that is their fault so they run away and maybe smoke with their friends. Also, one can get into problems at school such as: fighting with the teachers/classmates, having bad grades, and cutting school classes and rather to do drugs.Also,abuse at home can possibly be a factor on teens doing drugs and they feel school is and home is bad for them because of all this that is happening.


Counterclaim: Some may argue that teens use drugs to relieve stress from their lives and to  be calm and forget the pain they are going through. Also, teens do drugs because maybe other people do it too and they feel that they’re not in the group. They feel obligated and pressured into doing something they don’t want to do in order to be part of the group. Another reason is that they use it for fun just to try new things but they’re actually not addicted  which makes things more worse because they will never care for their health Expand more on counterclaim

Finally I think teens do drugs  because they see their parents drinking alcohol and smoking so they do it, lack of discipline of the parents. Some examples of teens using drugs are marijuana,alcohol,cocaine because they maybe come from a irrelevant family.Also,they might not have after school programs and friends and might manipulate Towards doings this things.In my opinion I think parents should be more responsible with their kids because you never know if they can die and they can also have lung cancer by doing those drugs and they don’t want that so I think they should be more responsible with their kids make sure they go to school and check in with them for some kinds of reasons and give them a good role model next time so they can not be in this situation right now and everything to be alright.

  1. Nathalia 3 years ago

    Hi Zaira!

    I really enjoyed reading your article especially with your own added perspective on the situation. I believe you did a good job on researching how depression can lead to drug use because it supports your argument. I also liked the details that you incorporated because it helped me visualize how one thing can lead to another. The teenage years can be quite difficult to overcome especially with the constant struggle of finding who you are as a person and also outer factors such as families. I agree that everyone needs “a parent that will check if they go to school and good role model” because it can make a huge difference in a person’s life. I hope you continue writing and sharing your views on the situation because your opinion matters. I can’t wait to read your next article!

    • Author
      Zaira 3 years ago

      Dear Nathalia
      I am happy that you read my post about drugs because I never thought someone like you would read it and actually agree with me that drugs are bad for teens because people maybe desagree because we got different opinions and maybe if they read my blog then they can change and also I will try to make more articles like this so you can know what’s my opinion on things and know more much better of me.

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