If you don’t have any interest in domestic violence then keep on reading and if you do have some interest then… Keep on reading either way keep on reading. While reading this you will most likely gain at least some interest in domestic violence like I have. I in fact have gained interest because I know next to nothing about it and these days it seems to be a more common occurrence so I thought “ay why not” : ^) .  


If you do not understand what domestic violence is then… keep on reading. Domestic violence is abuse between people like a partner in a relationship or a child and parent. People who are usually the abused in these relationships are women or children. But the possibility of the men being abused in the relationship is in fact possible. Normally this violence would occur at the home of the two people that are acquainted with each other in some way or form. This would usually occur in poverty driven areas that involve low income rate families that are african american or more common races that move into oakland :l

Domestic Violence will not stop, but one can still help deal with it with therapy and support… probably some other things too, as to what those things are I would like to ask someone reading this.


Firstly, Domestic Violence will not ever stop. But It doesn’t mean that I don’t want to stop it. Although the fact that it will not stop is what keeps me limited on what I can write normally I would write something that involves stopping it but I don’t think I can do that due to my outlook on domestic violence. But judging from one person’s opinion (An interview conducted with another student) Domestic violence in fact does seem common in some areas he knows, and that some methods he has with knowing that domestic violence won’t stop is that is just therapy or something along the lines of that. Even though this is all we can think of I doubt that everyone has the exact same thoughts so I interviewed another person (A friend of mine an adult) and what she thought of was a way to try and stop domestic violence and I feel like I should say although having a proposition for it may not stop it, it can still suppress domestic violence meaning the percentages of domestic violence in areas like oakland may in fact go down.


Even though the world can not get rid of Domestic Violence, there are ways to help people who experience for example proposition q which seeks to remove tents to lower the rates of domestic abuse in these areas. As to domestic violence in general all I can think of is therapy or maybe some emotional support, what I can think of can only go to the limited distance but if possibilities open up to me in along the way of me writing or typing this then I will indeed try and put it in so you can see whether I found it along the way or not. To say this completely and I won’t sugar coat it, there is the extreme possibility that we won’t make much progress in terms of things like methods against domestic violence in fact we may even do the opposite of making progress, but what decides that is what we do as of right now in fact in the article for the Sf chronicle’s website a writer with the name of Kathy Black wrote a report on tent encampments involving domestic violence in support of Prop Q which is a proposition for people living in tents to remove those tents and put these people in housing service. But if I had to give my opinion on this I find this to be somewhat flawed due to the fact that the actual succession rate of this would be pretty low due to the fact that housing as of right now is expensive and space would be a problem along with the fact that there may not actually be many supporters for this due to the fact people may not even care about this in fact I’m not sure that I care about it much myself. runs out of battery and time

In conclusion I believe that even though we can’t stop domestic violence we can help suppress it through other methods.


CC BY-SA 4.0 Domestic Violence :l Maybe you don’t know unless you read it :D by Kyaw Zaw is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  1. Nathalia 2 years ago

    Hi Kyaw!

    Your perspective on domestic violence is quite interesting and I enjoyed reading about it. I feel like the interview that you conducted on both a student and adult helped support your article. Since they were both of different age ranges, it allowed me to understand how distinct their mindset on the situation is. I like how you incorporated a resource such as Proposition Q and stated your opinion. I hope you continue writing and seeking ways to suppress domestic violence. I can’t wait to read your next article!

    • Author
      Kyaw Zaw 2 years ago

      Hello Nathalia thank you for your reply it gave me quite the happy moment I like the fact that you acknowledged my opinion on domestic violence this tells me that I in fact am not completely mistakened when it comes to a topic like domestic violence. Another sentence of your comment I liked was the fact that you thought of my interviews as a plus and the response was in my range of expectations. Thank you for writing I look forward to your next response.

  2. Marlini 2 years ago

    Dear Kyaw
    I am pleased with your post about “Domestic Violence” and how you informed that it cannot be removed or stopped and for that I am thankful for your honesty. Once sentence I liked was ” I think we can support Domestic Violence with emotional support” In Oakland I have not heard of any support system like that and I also have friends that are going through the same thing and you coming up with with this amazing idea will help students and couples going through domestic Violence get help. I Thank you for your post. I am looking foward to seeing more of your posts.


    Marlini Mesui

    • Author
      Kyaw Zaw 2 years ago

      Hello Marlini it is I Kyaw Zaw Moe and I am indeed happy that I got a response that was so positive. A sentence of your comment I liked was when you looked at my options for supporting the kids currently going through domestic violence. Though I would like to hear your opinion on these methods or what methods you would choose to suppress domestic violence. Thank you for commenting as there are only 2 people who comment on my post I feel happy just seeing 2. And Again Thank You

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