Each year America makes us remember about 9/11 the tragically hijacked plane that crashed into The World Trade Center and over 2500 people died in the crashes. Oddly enough America never seems to mention the also tragic and gruesome practice known as slavery.

Slavery is being given restricted freedom and being given exhausting labor. African-Americans were tortured, raped, and even killed. Slavery started in 1619 when twenty African-Americans were brought to an English colony in Virginia.

I have been reading a book named Elijah Of Buxton it is about a young boy named Elijah who is the first child in town to be born free he is known by all in Buxton as a fragile little boy. But all of that changes once a former slave steals Elijah’s Friend’s money that was going to be used to buy his family out of captivity. Elijah then goes on his perilous journey to try to save his friends family but he is deeply frightened about returning back home where the slaves are.


CC BY-SA 4.0 Has America forgotten about the things they’ve done to African-Americans? by Ricardo is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  1. The Virtuous 2 years ago

    After reading your article, there are a number of things I would like to voice my opinion over, and I sincerely hope that you hesitate on reacting with aggressive words and accusations.

    For one thing, slavery is anything but forgotten about and swept under the rug in this country. Schools teach about these horrible acts committed by American colonials within the earliest chapters of any history book, American or World. It is as integral a part of the nation’s history as any other, especially in regards to the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln, and modern day discrimination. People are not ignorant to how and when this existed, and next to none would ever argue that the acts committed were anything less than brutal and savage. Do not assume that this is an issue people have forgotten about or do not know of, because America is not THAT inconsiderate.

  2. Landen 2 years ago

    Dear Ricardo,
    I am inspiered by your story about America not remembering about slavery and we should remember all the tragics that have happened back then into today so all Americans should remember about this and how it affected all African Americans and the struggles they had to face in slavery slavery was important thing that happened in history and I strongly agree with you.

  3. K'chelle 2 years ago

    Dear Ricardo,
    I found your post very interesting and how slavery was included in the life and struggle of elijah.I can tell elijah has a lot of courage about being an african american because I know in the years of slavery African Americans were afraid to make moves because they were brutalized and they were afraid to stand up. I was wondering how old was elijah when he was trying to rescue his friends? How does 9/11 connect to african americans and slavery?

    Thank you for your writing . I will look forward to you answering my questions.

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