In this story, my version of Chris Travers The Serpent and The Eagle, a eagle sees a snake that he thinks he will relish for dinner.  He goes in to take the snake, but he finds some difficulty.  Then a countryman comes along and sees the exchange between the eagle and the snake.  He is presented with 2 choices, to help the eagle or walk away from the fight.  The audience then has those options.  If the countryman walks away, the eagle will eventually will the fight and the countryman will fall in a ravine.  If the countryman helps the eagle, the eagle wins the fight and saves the countryman from being poisoned.  The moral of the story is to help those in need.

The process to make this animation was simple.  First I made 2 different results of the alternate moral decision.  Then I took the story and used it to create a script for my animation.  Here is a link to my script:  I then used this script to create storyboards for my script.  These storyboards gave me a general idea of what the animation would look like in different stages.  After I finished the storyboards, I made a project plan to make sure I did everything on track.  Then I used Scratch to make my story.  The script gave my story something to base it off of, and the storyboards showed me what my storyboard would look like.

This is a gallery for my storyboards:



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