This is the my Scratch Project and in this project there is a story where you get to decide the ending. This story was first made by Brother’s Grimm and I remixed it in Scratch. Both sides of the story teach a lesson. It took one week to make the Scratch Project but I did a few things before starting the project such as Story Boards and the Script. I also had a plan to get my Scratch Project done.

This is my Scratch Project: Hope you enjoy:)

This is how I made my project:

  1. First started with making the Scripts and this took about 3 days. One day for each act.
  2. Next I made the story broads. There is one for each act and in each act for every 10 seconds on the Scratch project I made one cell. This took about 3 days. One day for each act.
  3.  This is the part were I start Scratch. I write a plan for what I would do each day. i had to finish it by 12/12/16.
  4. Then I started the project. I did 1/2 of an act everyday for the most part.
  5. To keep in track of what  we did our teacher told us to write developers logs.
  6. Then on 12/11/16 I fixed the problems.
  7. Last but one the least I submitted it on 12/12/16.
    1. Later our teacher made us put the project on

If you want to see my Script go here:

Here are my Story Boards:

If you want to see my plan go here:


CC BY-SA 4.0 Hansel and Gretel Remixed by Siddhaarta is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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