For centuries the death penalty has been a topic of controversy, and still is. Many feel strongly either in favor for the death penalty or against it. Both sides have very valued, thought out, and well reasoned arguments behind them.

Those who are for the death penalty argue that in many cases to punish with anything less than death would not do justice for many crimes. They argue that “capital punishment does in fact save lives.” Studies have shown that by applying the death penalty other crimes are actually reduced, due to the knowledge that your own life could be on the line by committing a crime. The people in favor of the death penalty make it very apparent that they only believe those who “deserve” it will receive it. And that it is by no means something that is just thrown around. One other argument they make is that it actually saves money because there is no longer a cost of life.

On the contrary many argue that the Death Penalty is simple wrong. Those who believe this argue that it goes against the eight amendment in the sense of unfair and/or unusual punishment. One of their biggest arguments is that of irrevocable mistakes. They argue that there are many mistakes as to weather the person on death row is actually guilty. They give facts like “150 people in the last few years have been taken off death row because they were innocent.” And much different from what pro death penalty people think, they actually argue that it is more costly and expensive.

Overall either way has very valued points which makes it apparent as to why it is such a controversial topic.




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