The term feminism is defined as the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men. In a 2016 poll on the Washington Post they were given three words and asked whether or not the words described feminism. The first word used was “angry”, where 43% agreed that it described feminism, while 54% felt it did not define it at all. The second word was “outdated”, where 30% believed it was a descriptor and 66% believed it was not. The last and final word they chose was “empowering”, where 70% believed it to be a descriptor, while only 26% believed it was not. This showed that most of the participants believe that feminism was not only empowering, but also relevent to our times. It showed that most people still believed that feminism was an issue currently. However, the issue was that those who participated believed it to be an angry issue. It was quite divided when asked whether or not the passion was too harsh and many believed that feminists needed to take it down a notch.

While looking for another source I found a  2016 YouGov poll containing opinions from men and women asking about their stance on feminism. When asked “Who Calls Themselves a Feminists?”, 61% of men believed they weren’t, and 45% of women chose not to be. When asked “Why Aren’t You a Feminist?” They either said that they did not believe men and women were equal, that feminists were to extreme, that feminists were anti-men, or none of these. For the women, the biggest percentage was for feminism being too extreme; for men, it was between feminism being too extreme, and none of these; and for the percentage of both male and female, 40% said that it was too extreme.

These two articles showed that much of those chosen to participate believed that feminism is “extreme” and “angry”. I think that we need to fully educate those around us to understand that it doesn’t always turn out to be extreme or angry, all we really want is equality. Feminism has nothing to do with being better than men or being anti-men and it seems that many people believe these to be true.

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