With Christmas fast approaching long-standing traditions begin to show their faces. As I type my family is whipping up endless batches of cookies while “A Muppets Christmas Carol” plays in the background. Just days earlier the whole group of us, my cousins, aunts, and uncles, gathered together to “deck the halls” at my grandparent’s house. This time reminds me of all of the fun my family has and puts me right into the Christmas spirit, making me grateful for all I have been given.

Photo by kevin dooley


  1. Emily 4 years ago

    Hi Annika,

    You have a great writing style! Your descriptions were nicely put and painted a nice picture. I can relate to the Christmas cookies and songs. My family also shares many traditions such as decorating together. I think traditions really bring families together and I hope to create more as I get older. You seem like you really have summarizing down. I am trying to work on that. Do you have any tips?


  2. Alex 4 years ago

    Annika, I absolutely loved this post! It is getting me in the Christmas spirit, and makes me realize that it truly is “the most wonderful time of the year”, even if some Scrooges try to ruin it for you…coughTrevorandRyancough

  3. Emma 4 years ago

    Trevor and Ryan’s comments are irrelevant your actual post. I appreciate your post on Christmas tradition. It’s nice to see how you enjoy tradition and really understand the meaning of family, including family tradition. I have many christmas traditions as well with my family. Sometimes we overlook the true meaning of Christmas and it’s nice to see you recognize it is a time to gather with family and be grateful for what we have. Well done.

  4. Trevor 4 years ago

    Annika, I feel that Ryan brings up an interesting point. Either way, I am glad that you are feeling the Christmas spirit. Cookies are my favorite so don’t be afraid to share.

  5. Ryan 4 years ago

    I really like this post in that it fits the season and puts me in the Christmas mood, but I can’t help but notice one thing. Today is a Monday, and most high schoolers go to school on Monday, so I wonder why it is that you would be at home listening to Christmas music while your parents are baking cookies… interesting.

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