1. Mary 8 months ago

    This is a very interesting take on America’s current state. One thing you should be careful of is casually mentioning things like bipolar disorder. I am very close to people who actually suffer from this disorder, and your characterization of it is inaccurate. I would fine tune the diagnosis you’ve assigned Mr. America. It’s on the right track, but I would advise to be cautious of listing disorders unless you have more understanding of how they work and how they are treated. Other than that, the format of this is really cool. It’s a good way to break down everything our country has been through, and the place we’re in now. I would recommend a little more research about the disorders listed, especially bipolar, and some fine tuning. Other than that, good work!

  2. Katelyn 8 months ago

    I feel that this is an interesting format and a unique way to approach something that is quite frankly terrifying. It is interesting to read this in view of the shifting demographics of the United States, such as the higher population of women than men and the shift towards a minority majority. However, as the troubling election shows we may be reverting to habits better left behind.

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