1. Katie 3 years ago

    I also agree with Katelyn, you need to ask more specific questions about “broken” households. Maybe ask questions about trust, marriage, if they think having separated parents have affected them, how they think they have been affected,etc. I know you mentioned you didn’t want it to be to personal, but if you don’t ask any personal questions you wont have good support for the results you get.

  2. Dave 3 years ago

    Broken families can really affect a child negatively. When there’s a “missing link” in a family it can cause depression and aggression in a child. For example, where there’s a missing father figure, there’s no fatherhood and thus a missing part in a child development.

  3. Ben 3 years ago

    I think this is a great topic to open up more about how the mood in a home can make or break how people act and how they grow

  4. Annika 3 years ago

    I agree with Katelyn. Also you may want to take into account the fact that people may not notice their aggressive behaviors or see that what people may not have diagnosed their depression. Other than that this is a very interesting subject to look into .

  5. Katelyn 3 years ago

    I think you might want to add questions that relate more to having a “broken” house, for example how are your relationships with others (like do you trust easily or relate well to people of the opposite sex of your primary parent).

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