Assessment Report on Mrs. American Dream

Client Name: Mrs. American Dream

Description of client: She was born in New York around 1934. She is 35 years old. She African American and Caucasian. Her appearance is 5’6 with a body type of slim thick, brown long curly hair and wears a classy dress, she also carries a briefcase. Her attitude seems to be serious,controlling, and straightforward. She is a parent to 2 twins boy and girl. She has been with her husband for 16 years.  

Presenting problem: Mrs. American dream seeked us for help when recently she got into a car accident while falling asleep on her way home. She says she hasn’t been getting sleep at home because of her kids not listening and her husband expecting her to do everything in the household, meaning cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc. She wants help because she is beginning to have different emotions at different times of the day. She thinks she is bipolar. While speaking to her I noticed her change of emotion when I talked about work rather when I talked about things at home. Her face expression changed when my assistant asked her if she wanted some water, but when she asked if she wanted tea her face lit up. I decided to call home and see her husbands perspective on Mrs. American Dream, he told me she would yell at him when he got home and then act like nothing happened getting ready for bed . I am going to diagnose her with “ bipolar” . ‘’Im half-black, half-white, so I basically put it like this: I can fit  in anywhere’’.This quote by J. Cole is saying that wherever he is, he automatically will fit it because he’s white and black.

History: How she explained her childhood to me was how she would have different mood swings by the hour. She got into many fights with people she called her friends She was always unsure about herself until her  mother took her to see a psychiatrist. She didn’t really get along with people, she was always a stay to herself type of person. When she grew older she became more self aware of her actions. Going to see her psychiatrist every 2 weeks helped her maintain to keep herself on track. She didn’t have many friends to and socialize with on her free time. Her parents wanted to her restrained from others because because they thought she was so out of it. Mrs.America had a bumpy obstacle to overcome. She then became a changed successful lady and started working in her own office. In Death of A Salesman as they were referring to Willy arthur Miller states,’’ He’s liked, but not well-liked’’(Miller). This evidence supports my diagnosis because of her actions. She was liked by many and had many supporters. During times her sign of bipolar illness would show and that’s when others would show her downfall. She was the type who didn’t care what others had to say.

Personality features: Mrs. American Dream acts like a loving caring mom. She is organized and I can tell she gets things done at home. She gets things in on time. NEVER LATE! She always wants things nice and neat at home, in her car, and at her desk at home. She spends a lot of money on how her and her family look, they have to look proper or she will not let anyone step out the house. But I can tell she saves money also. Her and her kids and husband all have a good relationship it seems. She is confident real confident, and will tell you things straight up.“ The man knew what he wanted and went out and got it! Walked into a jungle and comes out, the age of 21 and he’s rich.” (Miller Act 11)This quote supports my evidence because in the book’s case, the man knew what he wanted and went and achieved that goal. LIke Mrs. American Dream she knew what she wanted in her future life and did everything and anything to get to her goal. Look at her now, she has a family, lives in a big house, and a good stable job.

Diagnosis: She suffers from bipolar illness.

Personal strengths: Mrs. American dream explains to me that all she wants is for people to be happy with her and love her for who she is. She is a very strong person who takes initiate of things she does or say. She has a very good way with coping with her issues at home. While examining the trump campaign poster for “ making America great again” I said this picture shows a high class family who is dressed really well with a big house with a white picket fence. this tells me that Mrs. American Dream just wants her and her family to be happy and perfect she wants to make America great by everyone loving her.  

Treatment plan: Mrs. American Dream should come see us every week to check in about home and work. She should take a week off to be with her family and friends so she could feel loved the way she wants. We prescribed her with some bipolar medication when she really needs it but most like won’t. We told her that she should get some sleep and have a regular schedule that she can follow. We want her to grow relationships with some people who she wasn’t liked by so she can show them she can change and that she is suffering from bipolar.“He’s liked but not well liked” (Miller act 1)This tells me that Mrs. American Dream wants to change the way people think of her so she can grow different relationships between her family and work. So she won’t be so bipolar throughout the day.

Progress milestones: Some signs that I would like to see in my client when she comes back for a checkup is not so much of the hot flashes that she had or the look that she is feeling overwhelmed and upset. I would also like for her to talk about how herself and her family are doing so I can make sure things are good at home. Emotionally I would like to see her be happy about herself and know that the many people she deals with everyday love and care about her. Physically I want to see her change in style and her change in gestures to everyone she is surrounded by.

Prognosis: Mrs. American Dream will be healed by this bipolar feeling in a couple months after taking her yoga classes having her days full of mindfulness whenever she is feeling overwhelmed or upset, and to keep continuing checking in with us.


Lily Ros & Tonika Harris

CC BY-SA 4.0 Mrs. American Dream by Lily is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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