Assessment Report on [Mr.AD]

Client Name: Mr.AD

Description of client: Mr.AD was born in 1931, very racist to non whites, well dressed,

Presenting problem: Mr.AD currently suffering from OCD and Depression

History: Mr.AD had a great childhood until the U.S slowly started to get more and more diverse. His friends started to fail in life. Mr.AD started to lose his friends and people lost hope for him. He fell into depression because of all the stress.

Personality features: Mr.AD is very racist, all his friends are white, he only hangs out with white people. He is very nice to white people but when it comes to other races, he is like a completely different person. He treat other races of people like dogs.

Diagnosis: Mr.AD is suffering from OCD, Depression

Personal strengths: Mr.AD is a very prideful person, filled with confidence and he truly believes that one day his dream of a world of white superior will become more than a dream. He will stop at nothing until his dream come true.

Treatment plan: Mr.AD should start going to therapy sessions and take OCD medications. He should start spending more time with his family and stop worrying about the world around him, he is getting very old and people are starting to doubt him.

Progress milestones: Mr.AD will slowly feel less and less depressed if he spend time with loved ones, but his OCD will still keep him thinking about his dream. There is no fix for someone’s belief they just have to get motivated enough to change their mind.

Prognosis:  I would like Mr.AD to spend more time with his family and just start enjoying life more. Stop caring about the dream he had when he was young and focus on what he has now. Maybe take a vacation in the bahamas or somewhere tropical with his loved ones, take his mind off everything and just relax.

Respectfully, Jacky, Vinh

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