Client Name: Ms.America Dream

Description of client: The client was born in Germany and came to New York in 1931.During this assessment  Ms. American Dream is 215 years old. She looks years younger than her age due to her paying expenses  for surgery. Her appearance is well dressed, wearing designer clothing. She keeps up with todayś world. Despite the fact sheś an “elder¨ she needs the respect of one and acts like she’s younger. When she entered in my office with a hangover, seems she’s hiding a lot but acts like everything’s perfect. She’s holding a lot of emotions in.

Presenting problem: Ms.American Dream made this appointment after losing relations with the people she cared most about. Living a life for only she can enjoy seemed like those she was looking out for was fed up with her because she was in the field of business. In business with the white rich  high class folks and the colored less privilege lower class folks. Money got to her head so quick as if she was money hungry. Surrounding herself with people who admired her mask of beauty and intelligence. Those who turned on her betrayed her causing a war between these two classes she’s caught in the middle with lives, money, and debts to pay. She isolated herself since it was one of the best way but she uses marijuana, alcohol, and others. Furthermore i see improvement every other session with Ms.American Dream.

History: Ms.America Dream witness the death of her parents she was only 4 years old. Germans raided her home after her father owing money. After that she went to so many foster homes and she had problems with each one. she was a smart kid went to school had good grades but she didn’t get along with the others girls and if she did have a friend she had shadow someone willing to do anything for her ,admired her, they were be weak. A leader that’s what she was easy to talk people into stuff, her profession. She needed that people who live and breath for her. When she got older her temper got shorter and tells herself she okay than the next not. Indecisive for moving on for the better or worse

Personality features: Ms.America Dream has a very short temper but is smart with her words unlike most people. She doesn’t like to waste money at all and serious about business. She doesn’t believe in a short cut to success. She believes in getting the job the right way. Furthermore once she lost the bond of her family and friends due to her focused on being successful, she felt even more insecure about herself that everyone left because she wasn’t good enough but no she was just proving herself too much everyone got tired. Once she got lonely she left that the only thing that made her left good was alcohol and other substances, but once she’s not on those substance life hits her so much hard and loses it.So she repeatly takes the substance to feel good about herself.

Diagnosis: Ms.America Dream suffers from Bipolar Disorder, Alcohol and Drug Abuse and Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Personal strengths: Ms. American Dream has a natural born leadership and beauty. She’s very astute, confident, and very wealthy. She’s mixed with lots of other cultures. Therefore, she has many support systems from all around the world. She’s very powerful with her connections.

She’s very passionate with her money and is very resourceful. She’s capable of many things. If she didn’t cave in to all the pressure and avoid her problems with alcohol and drugs. She is very heroic. She could save millions of lives. She’s unbeatable and is on top of everything she does. Profession in being persuasive, furthermore she’s a people person.

Treatment plan: What we can do for Drug abuse is cutting down seeing how much she can cut down than behavioral counseling, evaluation and treatment, and long term follow up to see improvement. Than for her bipolar disorder we can prescribe her medication such as  mood stabilizers, antipsychotics, antidepressants. Narcissistic personality disorder we can do weekly or so talk therapy which is called psychotherapy.

Progress milestones: I’m expecting of her to at least cut down as much as possible on the drugs for example a drink of alcohol once a week. And finding ways to replace her addiction such as staying active and other activities to keep her from consuming drugs. Therapy should help her realize about her narcissistic disorder specially since that played a big role in her life, so she know when she’s being self centered and controlling it by being aware of others needs besides her. And for the medication she’ll be taking I want to witness her moods to less likely  extremely switch up, instead of her reacting so quickly to make her think more about her emotions so her mood swing shouldn’t be as extreme since being bipolar is based on the mood swings someone has

Prognosis: I feel that Ms.America Dream recovery will be successful, since she is such a cooperative person to talk to. I can see that she wants to improve,due to her knowing about the mental disorders that she’s suffering, subsequently she knows that something is terribly having a negative effect in her life. She wants to change that. If she truly wants to recover she will do it, no excuses cause the only way for her to recover is to help herself. The treatment plan will not work effectively  this process takes weeks, months, but it shouldn’t take more than year because if it does she is not making any progress, depending on how often she goes to therapy and taking her medication she’ll be in the right path of recovering.    Following the treatment plan can not only make her heal into better person it can help her gain back her family and friends.

Respectfully, Rachel B. Hilao & Angie Nanphosy

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    amazing. i love the detail.

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    nice report picture

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    Wonderful, I like how the American Dream is an immigrant!

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