Assessment Report on Mr. American Dream

Client Name: Mr. American Dream

Description of client: Mr. Dream was born in November 16th, 1931, he is 85 years old. He might be old but he doesn’t feel like it. He likes to look nice and classy dresses in suits they make him feel important and young. He feels like everything is about him and everyone’s lives revolve around him.

Presenting problem: Mr. Dream has always like to be the center of attention. He has always played hard to get and likes people to follow him. Everybody wants him and he feels like he’s better than them. He treats people however he wants some good some bad, his mood changes fast. He has came to me recently because he started losing people around him and that makes him feel less important. He does not know how to deal with this kind of situation since it has never happened to him. In the comic “On A Plate” by Toby Morris , it shows how some people have it easier than other. LIke Mr.Dream if you have things the easy way you can become so full of yourself.This evidence shows that my client, Mr. Dream is so full of himself he feels like the most important person and he makes it hard for others He feels like he’s the only one that matters. He makes people feel like less that’s why they rather stay away from him.

History: Mr. American Dream has always had what he wants. He was a spoiled kid and growing up his parents never gave him much attention. He always wished his parents would give him love and attention but they never did. He is missing that love which makes him feel empty inside. He needs people to want him in order to feel happy. In the article “ Wealth well-being and the American Dream” it says that , “The american dream is life, liberty and happiness,making it big brings temporary joy,economic growth has provided no boost to human morale.”(David G. Myers) Mr.Dream has everything, he can have anything he wants but only in a materialistic way. It might make him happy for a bit but then he goes back to feeling empty, he needs love which money can’t buy.

Personality features: My client has this mindset that everyone who is below him doesn’t matter. He has a lot of money all to himself. He tries to deal with his problems the easy way. He has not been married nor has good friendships because he is not good at making good relationships. He doesn’t know how to treat people he’s just rude. In the article, “Mississipi couple loss of the american Dream” by Debbie Elliot It shows how people are affected when they don’t have the American Dream. The Couple is dealing with lots of hardships, they don’t even believe in the american dream anymore. The evidence shows how hard Mr. Dream has made people’s lives. Everyone wants him but not everyone can have him. People have a hard time getting to him but he doesn’t care about what other’s go through.

Diagnosis: Mr. Dream has narcissistic personality disorder, He is bipolar disorder and is somewhat depressed except he doesn’t show it.

Personal strengths: Mr. Dream is a strong person in his words. He wants to be a leader to everyone. He’s one of those people who wants people’s attention. Mr. Dream is also one of those people who wants everything to be perfect. He doesn’t want to lose his popularity basically. The most important thing he wants is to make good relations with people that doesn’t really respect him and what he has to say. In the comic “On a Plate” it shows how Richard had good parenting,and had a lot of support (Toby Morris). That’s how Mr. Dream wants people to be to him.He wants people to follow and supports what he has in his mind. He wants to be known.

Treatment plan: My client needs to start working with others to have the respect he needs.Also to get others to attention in order for him to be a leader.Mr. Dream can use some of his powerful and respectful words to try to get their attention. Mr. Dream can try to change his mindset to have everyone be on the same mindset as him. Also needs to start interacting with others. In the comic “On A Plate” Richard had a lot of respect for his work. Paula didn’t had no respect. So Paula never change her mindset she kept on trying to be like Richard, but Richard change he didn’t care about anyone below him.(Toby Morris) This supports it because just like Mr. Dream his mindset is not caring about anybody who is below his work.But also his mindset to keep on working until everyone knows what he has done for a change. In other words saying wants everyone to be like him.

Progress milestones: In order to see my client’s progress i’ll be looking at the way he is treating and interacting with people. I will also look more into his mood changes and attitudes. I will make him understand that the world isn’t made up of him. I will try to see more into him and his happiness.

Prognosis: So if Mr. Dream is a careless person who wants people to follow him, we will get him to be more caring about others. We will try to help him have better interactions so he doesn’t have problem with that people around him.

                                    Lesley Maldonado and Ahopasa Hualulu

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CC BY-SA 4.0 Assessment report on Mr. American Dream by Lesley is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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