Amber Le wrote this report from the point of view of a public health psychologist. You will find evidence from a variety of sources to assess the current health of the American Dream.  Imagine that the United States of America is a person. How healthy is this person, physically, mentally, and emotionally? 

Client Name: Mr. American Dream

Description of Client: Mr.  American Dream was born in Houston, Texas at Parkland hospital on July 15th, 1992. Currently, he is a 25-year-old, Caucasian male with blue eyes and blonde hair. He looks a bit overweight even though he has a tall figure.

Presenting Problem: Mr.American Dream came into my office because he was feeling unsure and sad. He tells me that he hasn’t been acting like himself after losing so much money at the casino. Going to the casino gives him lots of fun and it helps him release his stress. After going to the casino, Mr. American Dream likes to drink lots of alcohol that gets him super hungover the next day. However, 4 weeks ago, his job called him and told him that he was fired because he had taken too many sick days off of work. He also told me that all his friends stopped talking to him after he blew most of his fortune at the casino. He was also a man that had sexual intercourse often but now, he tells me that he hasn’t had sex in a couple months and when he tries to, he doesn’t find it pleasurable anymore. Overtime, Mr. American Dream has also told me that he has gained over 20 lbs in the last month.

History: Mr. American Dream lived a life where growing up as a child, he didn’t have as much as all the other kids in school. He was teased and bullied because he wasn’t up to trend with all the new shoes and clothes. Girls never paid attention to him because he wasn’t the typical “jock” that every girl liked. He wasn’t popular in school and he always sat in the corner of the class and alone during lunch time. Mr. American Dream was the nerd in school that everyone got their lunch money from and made do their homework.

Personality Features: Mr. American Dream works in a business company as he is one of the higher ups. This gives him a very good amount of pay for the job he does. He doesn’t know how to save up his money and spends it lavishly on things that he does not need. He makes poor choices when it comes to money and he doesn’t know when to stop and control his spendings. Mr. American Dream doesn’t have much confidence in himself anymore. Mr. American Dream likes to mess around and seek different girls for sexual intercourse. Without knowing, his friends uses him for money and asks him to pay for their stuff. On his free time, Mr. American Dream likes to go to the gym and exercise but now, he doesn’t do it anymore.

Diagnosis: Depression

Personal Strengths: Mr. American Dream is a really smart man that is persistent and always tries his best. He was also extremely confident in his body before he gained weight. He always puts in 110% into his work at the business office. Mr. American Dream just wants a partner to guide him throughout his life and show him that he is really loved no matter what the circumstances may be. He wants a partner that will give him their attention and help him out whenever he is stuck in a difficult situation.

Treatment Plan: I think the best treatment for my client, Mr. American Dream, is to have him come to my office more often to show that he can really trust me and talk to me about his problems. He needs to be more open and show his emotions because he comes in with a blank face. Mr. American Dream is very hard working and if he keeps trying his best, he will be able to fight against depression. Mr. American Dream should learn how to love himself and shouldn’t have to rely on attention from other people. He also has to realize his spending ways and control that. He shouldn’t be using his money to gamble and drink alcohol like he used to. Alcohol shouldn’t even be in the equation when a problem comes up and so I want him to learn how to cope with the situation without having to turn to alcohol.

Progress Milestones: Some signs I will look for in my client is how he is showing emotions when he is coming to my office. I will also be looking at his appearance to see if he has lost weight because that would mean he is going back to the gym to get back to his old shape and continuing one of his hobbies. I want to see him happier each time he comes into my office and he tells me his stories and how everything has been going. More progress will happen if Mr. American dream stops going to the casino to gamble his hard earned money away and when he uses very little to no alcohol to cope with his problems.

Prognosis: Mr. American Dream will be able to recover from depression if he works hard to change his ways. He has to realize that things can’t be the same as before if he really wants treatment. Talking to someone will help him with his depression since he is able to let go, ask for help and listen to someone else’s perspective on things that can help him get better.

Respectfully, Amber Le

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  1. Libby 2 years ago

    I like how you didn’t describe the person as what society wants.

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