Client Name: Mr. American Dream

Description of client: Mr. American Dream was born in Europe then moved to the U.S in 1931 at the age of 25. Mr. American Dream is a tall white male that dresses in a full suit. His attitude is sweet to some people but very selfish to others.

Presenting problem: Mr. American dream seeked therapy ever since he was attacked in September 2001. He is a very stressed out person and deals with lots of problems. He is in debt and owes a lot of people money. He has many survival wounds but still stands strong.

America was attacked on september 2001 but that wasn’t the first time we were attack.The US also owes many other country money and is in debt.  It shows what “Mr. American Dream been through and what he faced.

History: Mr.American Dream childhood was ok but not as good as others he has experienced a lot of new people coming in his life that are not from America.He come from a family that values education, music and dance. He isn’t well educated because his family didn’t have enough money to afford his education. His parent have to work two different jobs to afford his education.

“ Richard’s parents will do anything for their baby…” “… And so will Paula’s. That’s why they’re working two jobs.” This quote support the diagnosis because talk about how his parent have to work two different jobs. He isn’t successful like the others because he not well educated like the others.Others people his more successful than him because their parent will do anything for the child to be well educated.


Personality features: Mr. American Dream acts like a strict boss. Having him dealing with money is a very bad idea that’s one of his main problem is saving money.  His relation with other countries are sometimes good but if you get on his bad side it won’t look good for you. He has some friends and some enemies.

America has gone to war with other countries. Many soldiers came home injured struggling to provide their family. Because it shows that the US is deeply in debt and struggles to cover it up.

Diagnosis: Mr. American Dream suffer from depression because he was dealing with to many problems.

Personal strengths: Mr. American Dream treat people fairly as long you don’t get on his bad side. He want to be successful than others. He Still try to find a way to bring peace to other countries because of money problem. Other countries respect him and they wait until he can give their money back. He went to school because he needed the education and he wanted a job so bad. Even though he struggle in life he still get support from his teacher and family.

“ That money makes it very difficult for us to do much more than just eat and pay the power bill.”Mr. American Dream was a leader and had to deal with many stuff like money and freedom. It’s difficult for Mr.American Dream to find money and paying other countries back he borrow from them. He barely make a lot of money in order to pay them back.

Treatment plan:Mr. American Dream should tell the truth about his money problem and explain what happen during the attack. He need to accept his mistake about the whole problem. He should let people know he been going through depression and have trouble sleeping. He should spend more time going outside and talking with other people. He should focus more on education than the problem he is dealing with.

“ They had just lived through a massive world war, overcome a startling depression.” This quote show that Mr.American Dream suffer from depression because he have to deal with many problem. So this quote talk about overcoming a startling depression. The quote connect to Mr.American Dream because his hometown been attack by many time and he overcome his depression.

Progress milestones: Mr.American Dream sign of progress is overcoming his depression. He not afraid to go outside any more. He treat everyone with respect. He talk to everyone who been through the same reason like him. He is good at giving good feedback to other people.

Prognosis:  Mr. American Dream should go to free hospital that doesn’t cause any money to heal his wound. He should go see a counselor every single day because just in case he is going through depression and trauma again.

Respectfully, Jillian Chuong and Johnnthan Mam

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