Assessment Report on Mr. American Dream

Client Name: Mr. American Dream

Description of client: Age: 238

DOB: July 4th, 1776

Place of birth: Philadelphia

Self Entitled

Presenting problem: Mr. American Dream has problems with other countries; other countries claim that Dream is controlling, which results in war and economic issues. There is a new president elect, Mr. Donald Trump which is creating more of a division between political parties and people depending on social background, class, status or status quo, race, sexuality, gender, and religion. Mr. American Dream is coming in to seek therapy because his vision on how he wants his country is becoming faded between rising conflicts of international relations, economy, and civil rights. Also, his self-entitlement and an inflated sense of self-importance has caused national riots and protests that range from peaceful to violent. People of European descent remain to “control” the Americas and feel partially guilty for the inhumane violation of human rights

History: In Mr. American Dream youth he struggled with equality between people of color and whites. since its birth on July 4th, 17776 when he killed and dehumanized the people native to this land and the slaves that were brought here. Slavery and the genocide has lasted for 245 years which has happened before Mr. American Dream was discovered and founded. As Dream got older and progressed in his age the rights of others has improved showing some change. Though, there is still oppression that is happening from Mr. American Dream but at least no there are more people who are included in it.

Personality features: My client is childish he thinks that everything he does is right and that he is never wrong. Instead of using money for a necessary things like buy a house or food he decides to use it on sex. Another thing is that he doesn’t want to do work he would rather be on his phone on Instagram and Facebook looking at what other people are up too. His isn’t loyal also he wants to have more than just one girl he wants things right at the moment. He also gets mad quickly when they insult his pride he doesn’t just try to ignore it or whatever he starts arguing and the it ends up becoming into a fight.

Diagnosis: Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Personal strengths: My client is very wealthy, intelligent, and conceited. He owns a very successful business in technology and is currently building a new software. He owns several sports cars that are stored in his 100,000 square foot mansion. He studied technology and computer science for his undergrad. My client thinks he’s better than others and often looks down on others. He also has a secret problem with gambling but his strength within that is being a hustler and knowing what he wants.

Treatment plan: Stop doing these childish things and just keep your head in your business he could just keep his head in his business so i won’t be doing all these childish thing and so this disease could go away and never come back again. Also to show more of an open mind to allow evolution to change so that people will not get disclude from opportunities of living the american dream. There should be psychotherapy so that Mr. American Dream can heal from the self entildemet

Progress milestones: Some milestones that I i’ll see to see Mr. American Dreams progress is better civil rights of people of color and Native Americans. There would be lower rates of racism and police brutality and discrimination on the LGBTQ+ community along with better a economy and equal rights for everyone.

Prognosis: I feel like Mr. American Dream will slowly progress to positive change along with a relapse of equal and civil rights among people.





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