Alexa Jones & Kerry Shaw wrote this report from the point of view of a public health psychologist. You will find evidence from a variety of sources to assess the current health of the American Dream.  Imagine that the United States of America is a person. How healthy is this person, physically, mentally, and emotionally? 

Client Name: Mr. American Dream

Description of Client: Mr. American Dream was born in 1931. He is 85 years old. Mr. American dream looks like entitlement and greed. Mr. American Dream is white. Mr. American Dream typically has green eyes throughout his family. Mr. American Dream is slim, in shape attractive and quite wealthy.

Presenting problem: Mr. American Dream has made is appointment a month after experiencing traumatic events. These events have caused Mr.American Dream extreme mental and emotional issues. The following event such as the 2016 election, Trayvon Martin shooting ( February 26, 2012), Oscar Grant shooting (January 1, 2009), Michael Brown shooting (August 9, 2014) This image shows discriminatory and exclusive tendencies, only one race is represented.This race being white in shape families with blond hair and blue eyes who are clearly wealthy.

History: Mr. American Dream experienced The Great Depression occurred during 1929- 1939. During this time Mr. American Dream became obsessed earning money and escaping poverty. “Of course, money buys happiness. “Wouldn’t anyone be happier with indulgences promised by the magazine sweepstakes.” -Andrew Tobias. 

Personality features: Mr. American Dream suffers from the following mental illnesses. Narcissism, depression and bipolar disorder. Mr. American Dream is fixated on himself, His money and his overall well being. Mr. American Dream’s confidence level tend to fluctuate. Mr. American Dream became addicted because he can be depressed and stressed enough to use drugs to take him away from the problem. He suffers from depression because the struggles can be hard to work for the top so he sometimes lets the stress get to his. He believes that money is respect, respect is power, and power is everything. He knows it’s not always true but he lets money get to his head.

Diagnosis: Mr. American Dream is showing signs of narcissism, depression, and bipolar disorder.

Personal strengths: Mr. American Dream mostly dreams to win everything. He dreams about riches and being the best business wise. He desires to be king and on top of everything he does. According to the “Trump Campaign,” the “Mr. American Dream” is a white man. A white man with a supportive family full of unity. Because the Trump Campaign is related to the same timeline as the original Mr. American Dream.

Treatment plan: Mr. American Dream should apologize to all of those he has hurt. Mr. American Dream should make an effort to mend the relationships he has ruined with the colored community. He should start going to small group sessions so he can be less hateful.In the past when people look for help and try to mend their wrongs good can come out of it.This supports the diagnosis because it means Mr. American Dream can overcome his problems.

Progress milestones: When looking for progress in Mr. American Dream doctors should look for less aggressiveness, less stress, more outgoing tendencies. Doctors should also look at his interactions with the colored communities and see if he is more open to them being members of society or not.

Prognosis: Mr.American Dream should consider rehab for his addictions. He should also look into a mental facility for his bipolar disorder and to deal/overcome his narcissistic tendencies.  

Respectfully, Alexa Jones & Kerry Shaw

CC BY-SA 4.0 Traumatic Events Haunt Mr. American Dream: An Assessment Report by Alexa is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. Joanna 2 years ago

    i like the picture that you used it’s very deep! so many questions pop up

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