Lately, I have been getting into the book called Warcraft War of the Ancients. The book is about a fictional world called Azeroth, and some problems they are facing against an enemy called “The Burning Legion.” 

The leader of, the Burning Legion was a Titan named Sargeras who turned evil because he thought what the other titans were doing was wrong. He conquered many worlds and killed many races. Now he set his sights on the world of Azeroth, he wanted to cleanse the world of its “lesser races” so he hires in a way, some people to help him take over the world. 

This is all I have read so far, I will be back with more on this Book.

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  1. Kevin 2 years ago

    Dear Jarred,
    This book looks really cool and interesting to read. I haven’t read that book yet but I think I’ll read it some time. I’d really like to see how the evil person gets defeated and why he wants to take over the world. I haven’t read much books about a evil person and fictional worlds and people.

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