Client Name: Mx American Dream

We chose transgender because we wanted to show how others people’s words and actions can hurt someone to the point where they don’t feel like they fit in; and how it can change a person’s perspective.

Description of client: Mx American Dream was born in 1990 (Age 26). She was born in Oakland, California. She appeared as a very lovely woman; who is slim thick, well groomed, spiffily dressed, and she has attractive yet deceiving eyes. Although, she is arrogant, stuck up, and overly conceited. She faces depression and was diagnosed with bipolar disease.

Presenting problem: She just went through a breakup with her lesbian lover of 6 years. Her lover has been with her for so long; showing her affection, attention, and shaped Mx American Dream to become who she is. Now that she’s out of her sight, she doesn’t know how to feel in situations and become utterly depressed.n Toby Morris’s cartoon, On a plate, it shows how “Paula’s house is full of people and not much else” and how “Richard’s house is warm and dry. His shelves are full of books and his fridge is full of food.” (Morris).Paula’s life relates to Mx American Dream’s situation because Paula’s lack of resources represents as Mx American Dream’s lover. Without that “resource”, their choices, opportunities and emotions will differ from what others have and feel.

History: American Dream had lived a rich life, although she started out as a little boy. He had everything in his possession, including shelter, clothes, etc. But the only thing he didn’t have was his identity. At the age of 15, he felt like his body and he was meant to be a female. He secretly took drugs to change his masculine appearance into feminine one. Mostly everyone he knew and his family had soon found out and had discouraged him and that made him feel highly insecure. When he turned 19, almost nobody accepted him as a human being except for this one person, and that’s his lover. That was when she finally had a reason to love herself because of her lover being there for her. In J.Cole’s story, he states that “I started off on a military base, and I remember moving — I guess this was after my parents got divorced — from there to a trailer park. it was on of the scariest places I’ve been to, because I was always worried about my mother.” (J.Cole Lives in the Spotlight”).To think how MxAD became the arrogant and stunning person she is, she relates to J.Cole’s story because of how she started out rough in the beginning but became a powerful woman as how J.Cole became a famous and powerful rap artist.

Personality features: Since she is conceited and stuck up, she acts as if she is superior to everyone. Although she looks at herself as a beautiful role model herself and others. She values attention and love more than anything. In any situation, she believes that she is always right, and no one can tell her otherwise. However, in her relationship she listens to her partner, and takes what she has to say into consideration. She is always confident in everything she does and says, gives 110% of her effort in everything, but she thinks very lowly of herself. Since she faces depression she has very little self-esteem, and has no friends. In Trump and Narcissistic Disorder, Daniel Wagner states, “Narcissistic personality disorder crosses the border of healthy confidence into thinking so highly of yourself that you put yourself on a pedestal and value yourself more than you value others. Does this sound like Mr. Trump? You bet it does!”(Wagner). This relates to Mx AD because she acts confident that she doesn’t let anyone tell her no. She values herself and her opinions over anyone else’s.

Diagnosis: Mx American Dream suffers from Bipolar disorder and Depression. During her past, she’s been through a lot of judgement and discrimination. Now that she’s lost someone important in her life, she then became very sad and lethargic. However, she’s been very moody at random times.

Personal strengths: Mx American Dream has always been positive about her reputation. She has self-confidence and doesn’t let nobody judge her. She tells herself that she’s loved and admired by many people even though she knows majority of people don’t favor her because of her appearance. She also tries to be comfortable around people and having them give her the attention that she wants.J. Cole encourages himself by saying, “I’m half black, half white… I can fit in anywhere. That’s why I write so many stories from so many different perspectives because i’ve seen so many” (J.Cole Lives in the Spotlight”). Mx AD has gone through it all, being a man and a woman, but she cannot fit in everywhere. She is trying to be who she wants without having people put her down.

Treatment plan: Mx American Dream should reflect on herself and how she treats other people because that’s how her diagnosis began. She should realize what’s she’s grateful to have. Since a lot of people had let her down in the past, she should have reflected on her decision to move on instead of having someone else (like her lover) do that for her. If her lover had not been in her situation and shown all that attention, she could’ve reflected herself to be positive and respectful. Now that her lover made her feel more arrogant and conceited, and that she had left her, MxAD became stuck up to others and can’t make up her mind at times. Mx American Dream should reflect on her actions and herself, so that she can become a positive and grateful person. In the Mississippi Couple Lament Loss of the American Dream article, Janis Galatas tells her husband that, “Norris and I will make it .. we’re survivors.” (Elliott) After Norris and Janis had been struggling a lot, Janis encourages him that they’ll make it in life. The couple has gone through problems like MxAD. If they can pull it together and move on, so can MxAD. Janis could’ve lost her husband, but she’s sucking it up and believing that they can move on, and MxAD could do that also.

Progress milestones: During the progress, I expect to see Mx American Dream with a brighter and emotionally stabled attitude who values life and treats people with more respect. She should also be able to get over her lesbian lover while she gets stronger physically, emotionally and mentally. She should also be able to be more straight forward towards her feelings and reflect on herself first when she’s facing problems again.

Prognosis: To deal with her bipolar disease and depression Mx America should go see a therapist to help her through her problems. She should also go to group sessions to make friends who are also going through a struggle as well.

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  1. Tony 4 years ago

    On par with a college level report!! Great job!!

  2. Allex 4 years ago

    A very great analytical report which describes the subtle attitude with an underlying mental disorder

  3. Alex 4 years ago

    I like the amount of detail and evidence used.

  4. Hitesh 4 years ago

    This is awesome! I do agree that Mx American Dream is stuck up, and she should treat others better.

  5. Vu 4 years ago

    I like how you chose a transgender as opposed to the regular male and female character types.

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