Assessment Report on Mr. American Dream

Client Name: Mr. American Dream

Description of client: Mr. American Dream was born in 1957 in the united states of America.He is a 40 year old miracle worker who chooses whose life he wants to bless. He is tall with dark hazel eyes with brown hair. He has a toned body structure complemented with a beautiful smile that everyone is in love with. He also has his flaws, He’s diagnosed with Bipolar disorder, Narcissism personality disorder.

Presenting problem: Mr. American Dream has been complaining about being very depressed lately. He hasn’t been himself. He’s recently been getting complaints about how he has constant mood swings back to back. It’s affecting his job and social life. He flashes on his friends out of nowhere and sadly doesn’t realize it. He also stresses about how people view him. He tries to be himself but people encourage him to be someone he is not. He occasionally lets them get into his head and get full of himself and doesn’t treat people how he should be. People view him as an cocky, heartless, and bipolar individual. He Eventually affects everyone around him because nobody wants to deal with his broken personality anymore. From the comic strip, “On a plate”,  it explains how for one person it was harder to get a good job, they had to work for their success and to get out of poverty. For the other person, everything was handed to them without them working for it. They were wealthy off the back from their parents and connections. Its shows how different people can receive the american dream in different ways. Its shows how The American Dream picks and choose whose life to bless, based on how he feels, with open opportunities to easily reach their goal or make others struggle and make them search for the opportunities to reach their goal. Creating different obstacles for others based off how he feels at that moment.

History:Mr. American Dream was born into a middle class family. They had to work for anything and everything that they wanted. His mom and father worked on a daily. His father worked as a miracle worker who helped people with their life struggles. He wanted be just like when he grew up. In his teen years, his dad had got a raise, so he was bringing more money in the house. He eventually got what he wanted at times. He constantly tried to fit in with the “popular” kids and got rejected by some. Others would help him fit in by guiding him with what to wear and how to act. He wanted to be liked by everyone.In the quotes from Death of a Salesman, Willy explains how he wants his funeral to be. He wants everybody who he worked with to be there. He wants it to be big and the topic of everyone’s conversation.He wants to prove that he was a popular and known Salesman. He wants to prove that he was a successful man who accomplished his dream. Mr. American Dream wants to be popular and be that perfect guy that everyone looks up to. He wants to be seen as an inspirational figure to others.

Personality features: When my client was a child he never went through allot but he just wanted to be so much like his father. He seems to have had a good childhood with nothing wrong. Itś when he was a teenager that most things changed because like most of us going through this phase can be difficult. He did have low self-esteem because he would think that he wasn’t as good as his dad, so he would put himself down. His friends weren’t always the best, they would brag about what they had that he didn´t. When he grew up, he wanted to be the best like everyone does. That is really hard to do because he wanted to blend in and be like everyone else and always trying to be what society wanted him to be. This would cause him to have mood swings all the time and never always be happy. My client wants to be like others and brag just like his friends would do to him. He wants his dad to be proud of him and that’s why he’s bipolar because he stresses about trying to be more like others and being perfect in others eyes. This shows how he’s always trying to be the best and when he does do everything better than other people he rubs it in there face.This creates him to stress about being the best. He doesn’t act like himself, instead, he acts different around everyone trying to prove that he is this perfect guy. All of this shows that he tries his hardest to be someone he’s not because he’s so used to people trying to change him to be this certain type of guy.

Diagnosis: Bipolar Disorder (BD) and Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)

Personal strengths: Over the years, he has brung happiness to many people. Mr American Dream is a great person to be around at times. He continuously tries to educate and send motivational messages to people to help them with their lives and support them of their dreams. He eventually hopes to create a huge positive change in others lives and be the main topic of the conversation.In the book, Death of a Salesman, willy explains his dream; “ and when i saw that, I realized that selling was the greatest career a man could want. Cause what could be more satisfying than to be able to at the age of eighty-four, into twenty or thirty different cities, and pick up a phone, and be remembered and loved and helped by so many different people?” ( arthur miller, act 2)

Treatment plan: Mr. American Dream must acknowledge that he has a problem. He has to understand how his disorders is affecting his and others lives in a negative way. As a victim of Bipolar Disorder, going through various of steps is normal, identifying the difference between the symptoms and your true self, educating your family about treatment for more support, going to  psychiatrist ,psychotherapy, hospitalization or anything that works for you as a person. Along with NPD, Going to behavioral, psychodynamic, or family therapy can be helpful. Working through these stages of treatment, he has to accept his disorders and be willing to cooperate with others to help himself. Eventually notice his growth and put his improvement to help others with the same disorder and be their support.

Progress milestones:As Mr American Dream improves over time, we should notice decreasing in his mood swings. He shouldn’t be cranky all the time and flashing on others. He should be socially interacting with others more without a problem. He should experience less depression and anxiety with the therapy. He should be feeling more relaxed and comfortable in general. He should eventually get feedback from his peers and family about how his attitude and personality has changed as he goes through therapy.

Prognosis: A professional psychotherapist would help him acknowledge and accept his disorders and how it’s affecting not only his life but others also. They would guide him to the right path in improving his attitude and reconnecting with others. They should support him with the broken relationships and his self-esteem. Have him appreciate and recognize his talents,growth and create positive and encouraging thoughts, hope; that he’ll get through it.

Respectfully, Iyonna Garcia, Eddie bibriesca

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