Hello everyone, I am collecting data about the frequency of texting while driving among students my age and my peers. This survey is anonymous and it will greatly help me with my research paper. I would appreciate anyone who would be kind enough to contribute their response to my survey. Thanks so much 🙂

Survey Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfLAmvmzV-cpkE1Y-kKBlGbNJcFyY3sgVwM94v2EfYHc9Ufbg/viewform



  1. Cris 4 years ago

    Rachel, I am excited to see what else happens with this issue. I hope to see that there is an effort being made to prevent not just kids, but adults from texting while driving.

  2. Savannah 4 years ago

    I recently took part in an experiment that tested drivers using a simulator to test reaction time when on the phone, texting, and when fully paying attention. It was crazy to see how your reaction time is affected and how easily you can put yourself and others in danger by simply looking down at your phone even just for a second. Nice job!

  3. Annika 4 years ago

    Hey! I am very curious about what your research finds. Are you looking for any certain correlations? What prompted this questioning? I hope your research paper goes as planned and you find some good stuff. This is a very big issue and in need of more people concerned about it.

  4. Abbi 4 years ago

    I took your survey, and if you need any links for any more information, I found a few that may be helpful:
    I hope these can help you in wriiting this research paper. Good Luck!

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