In the past few weeks of conducting my research, I have begun to develop a better understanding of my topic and a greater interest in my topic. The research process had been going much more smoothly than I first expected. At first, I was skeptical about being able to write at least eight pages on my topic. However, after researching, I seem to have discovered far more information than I originally believed I would be able to find. This is primarily due to discovering new aspects of my topic that I had not thought of at first. For example, I had considered using the political bias in films to discuss how cinema can affect society. However, I had not thought of writing about how recordings of the past can also determine where we are today due to perceptions of the past affecting how we make decisions in the present.

My new understanding of these concepts has also reinvigorated my interest in my topic because now I can come at it from an angle that had not occurred to me before. This does not only further my interest, however. It also provides better evidence because including multiple points of view creates a stronger network of support under your claims.

One aspect of thinking towards this research project that I have been struggling with is how I should organize the paper. I have never written an essay this long before so I am trying to familiarize myself with how writing something this long might work. This may include focusing on transitions between paragraphs, planning out in what order to present my ideas, and being able to maintain the reader’s attention. In terms of organizing when to present which aspects of my topic and in what order, the activity that has helped me most is spreading out my ideas on a “whiteboard.” This space allowed me to simply get down everything that was in my head. After that I could focus on how to organize that information.

One part of researching that I have learned about from this project is just how different of an experience it is depending on your topic. Some of my peers have evidence that is driven by numbers and statistical data. My topic is more subjective and less tangible of a concept. This abstractness causes most of my sources to be writings from esteemed members of the field of cinema. This includes book excerpts, essays, or articles authored by professors or film critics.

So far the research process has gone smoothly and I have learned a lot. I hope that when it come to drafting, the writing process will run just as smoothly.




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