My research thus far has grown tremendously in capability, analysis, and comprehension. I found myself only wanting to read more and more about my research topic and I was genuinely driven to seek out answers if I had questions about a specific article that I was in the middle of reading. One article would lead to another article and another article and before I knew it, I had a dozen sources. Each source is unique and provides different arguments and facts. My knowledge on my research topic grows larger with every new source I read.

The first few articles that I read were primarily from electronic news sources. In class, I was reminded of online research databases, and I have found those to be of great assistance when searching for articles related to my research topic. SIRS research database has been particularly helpful. The database includes a variety of publications from journals to articles to internet postings and more. A vast majority of my sources was collected from using SIRS.  

In the beginning, I was mainly looking at articles that mentioned the problem of texting while driving by describing the issue, giving personal anecdotes, and listing astounding statistics. These articles were helpful at first because they gave me a sense of what exactly I should be looking for when researching this topic. I found these articles to give me a sound foundation of background knowledge before diving further into my researching process. After I became familiar with the problem, I started doing more advanced article searches and looked for articles that discussed potential solutions to solve texting while driving. One of the first few articles that I read mentioned a couple of solutions that seemed like simple solutions to me. For example, one of the solutions was changing the state driving laws, and another was to stop society’s addiction to cellular phones. Then I started getting into more in-depth articles that had more complex and creative solutions to fix this epidemic. Some of those solutions included new phone technology that blocked notifications and messages from cell phones. Another was for parents and children to have frequent conversations about the severity of the subject matter, and the possible consequences that could occur. These solutions seemed more innovative to me, and I found them quite fascinating. I intend to mention many of them when writing my actual research paper.

The final step for me in terms of research would be to collect some data of my own. I have read articles where recent data was acquired, but I think it would be beneficial if I took data personally by means of a survey. I plan to use Google Forms and ask my peers a series of questions that deal with their frequency of texting while driving. I am interested to see what the results are, and I am excited that I will have a set of data to reference in my paper that comes directly from the people around me.


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  1. Cristian 2 years ago

    i agree on what your trying to say about growth and research because when ever you keep reading an article you like you attend to keep reading more article The more you read the more you improve spelling and start to talk more fluent, also the more article you read the more stuff you know. When your doing research your mind starts to create better ideas from my experience my reading skills have improved and as i speak i started to talk in fluent so i agree Rachel on what your saying research helps people growth in research

    Sincerely Cristian

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