Client Name: Mrs. American Dream

Description of client: Mrs. American Dream was born in 1931, in the U.S. James Truslow Adams is the parent. She is currently 85 years old. She is 5’7” and weighs 130 lbs. She wears a navy blue suit and looks very professional. She has a lot of pride, and boasts about herself because of her high income. She doesn’t really care about others except herself.

Presenting problem: My client has been complaining that she has a lot of stress, and recently she has started to lose control of everything. She can’t handle the stress, and she gets triggered sometimes. People are starting to hate her, because they see her as selfish and arrogant. She states that she’s losing a lot of friends because of her attitude, yet, she doesn’t seem to be aware of her attitude that others complain about. She’s actually making others, especially minorities, stress out also.

In Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, one of his picture shows an image that’s revealing: according to the ad, in order for America to be great again, it needs to have well dressed white people. This can trigger and cause a lot of stress and anxiety to the minorities, especially if they’re living in poverty. It’s racism and it makes people stress out.

This evidence shows that my client, Mrs. American Dream, is selfish because she only cares about herself and her class. She doesn’t support the poor or minorities. This can lead to stress within low income communities, riots, protests, and just overall unhappiness and stress. Their stress is leading on to my client’s stress. In order to turn this around, my client could accept minorities and treat them equally as she does with her own race and class.

History: As a child, she was spoiled and got everything that she wanted. Throughout her teenage years, she was a young lady bullied because of her race and her thinking she was better than everyone else. As she grew older she kept her past incidents inside her head and didn’t let it go so easily. She began to treat people the way she was treated throughout her teenage years. She was looked down at, bullied for the way she dressed, known as a nerd in her class, and had many other incidents.

Personality features: My client acts as if she was living in a fantasy. She doesn’t seem to care about anyone else except herself. She has all her money to herself, and she is afraid to give it to anyone else for fear that she will be more in debt than she already is. She doesn’t care about the working class, as long as she is benefitting from them somehow. She is happy to see that the high earners are getting something out of her though. She is not giving everyone a fair chance no matter how hard they work.

In an excerpt from the Los Angeles Times, Shan Li describes the struggles of the class divisions in America, saying, “Increasingly, the seasonal shopping surge has become a window into America’s class divide, in which high earners have benefited from a booming stock market and rising home prices as many others still grapple with stagnant incomes and lingering financial anxiety” (Li).

Mrs. American Dream has divided herself into different classes through their income. Not only that, but, she has created more stress within herself through forcing the working class to become stressed because of high prices only fit for the high class. Again, she is not being equal to everyone and seems to only envision herself and the top 1%.

Diagnosis: Post traumatic stress disorder and narcissistic personality disorder.

Personal strengths: Deep down inside, my client actually cares about her people in many ways, is resilient, and continues to strive forward as she tries to jump many obstacles along the way. She wants to be able to show the world that she is as strong and brave as she says she is.

In the following CBS News article, it had stated where the nation’s economy currently stands at, “Businesses, according to the president, have ‘added 13.7 million new jobs over a 69-month streak of job growth.’ Mr. Obama also cited the latest unemployment rate figures — in October, it fell to 5 percent and has remained at that level since — as proof of a strong economy” (Flores).

She has helped people get jobs, which shows that she still has a heart deep down inside. Because of this, with the new jobs, the economy will be able to grow, putting her and her people on the top of the economy. Being on top shows her power and strength to the world.

Treatment plan: Mrs. American Dream has to begin giving everyone an equal chance and a fair opportunity so that everyone can be content. It’s the right action to execute. Right now, she’s only giving the top 1% a possibility at success, but not the bottom 99%. In order for her and everyone to get along, she has to be able to treat everyone the same way with respect. This way, everyone would be able to unite.

In another CBS News article, it expresses what income inequality means to the country as a whole, “President Obama on Wednesday pointed to a combination of growing income inequality and a lack of upward mobility as ‘the defining challenge of our time,’ arguing the government should take further steps to reverse a decades-long trend that has widened the gap between the nation’s richest citizens and everyone else” (Kaplan).

As President Obama had stated, income inequality is one of the most troubling aspects of the nation and my client. As it can be seen, there is a wide gap between the affluent and the penniless. That is why this issue needs to be tackled immediately in order to resolve most of the issues that my client is dealing with, by having income equality.

Progress milestones: My client, Mrs. American Dream, shall make progress when it can be exhibited that she has given everyone a chance. That means that the working class are getting paid a higher wage that they deserve, and that the 1% aren’t monopolizing and dominating the market, but instead, everyone has a fair share of the market.

Also, not only should there be more equality, but there shall also be more satisfaction with everyone in general. Once my client terminates their narcissistic character, she shall see more smiles from everyone; therefore she will get bullied less, receive little to no anxiety, and will actually work with the community with compassion and determination.

Prognosis: My client shall be given as much support as they need after recovering from stress and narcissism. Communication and self love/forgiveness is key in this type of healing because letting emotions out really reveals the truths about a person’s internal well-being; also self-care is significant in order for my client to move on and be optimistic.

Respectfully, Jennifer A. and Hitesh K.


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CC BY-SA 4.0 Assessment Report on Mrs. American Dream by Hitesh is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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