Client Name: Mr.American Dream

Description of client: Mr. American Dream was born 1931, and is 85 years old at the time of this assessment. He appears to be a healthy man with expensive tailored suits and 5 rolex watches on each arm. He acts very arrogant and prideful and continuously announces how great he is.  Mr. American Dream acts superior to others and believes that the world revolves around him.

Presenting problem: Mr. American Dream has suffered from anxiety attacks, drug addiction, and depression. He has used drugs in times of depression and still suffers from it now. He has anxiety because he constantly wants to be the best and cares significantly about how he does in the world. His depression comes from his unobtainable goal of never becoming the best.

History: Mr. American Dream was born in a middle class family. He was born in an abusive family so he ran away at an early age and swore to  himself that he will be better than them. When he was a young teen; he was a very bright guy who started building new technology and all these houses after he got into a fight. When he was an adult he found a way to receive drugs but he likes to blame other people about how he started his drug addiction. He now acts reckless with his money and spends it on any luxury that can give him any happiness as he is desensitized from normal spending. If someone had something he didn’t have, he would have this craving to get that thing.

Personality features: If the person has any disability or defect, then the Mr.AD will leave that person almost immediately. That makes the person’s life nearly impossible financially. Work becomes scarce as there isn’t many jobs for handicaps. This can also cause the person to rely on friends and family to sustain their life.This will cause them to lose a sense of independence. If it leads to it, Mr.AD can be selfish and use others to make himself better.

Character structure: Mr.AD always strives to be at the top and wishes to do what makes him satisfied. He should be fair but he often seems to prioritize and pick favorites for success. He sees himself as the best of the best leaving others that aren’t with him an impression that they’re less important.

Diagnosis: Depression, anxiety, drug abuse are the main factors in the diagnosis.

Personal strengths: AD is a very resilient and confident person who looks like the person everyone wants to be.

He is also very persuasive and incredibly intelligent person which allows other people to trust him. He is seen as very charismatic the first time you meet him. I think that his true goal in life is to live a happy life.

Treatment plan: Mr.AD must realize that he’s not realisitc and needs to be able to accomodate for all people equally. He needs to give everyone a chance to have him. He has swayed from his original goal and that’s to give everyone an opportunity at life, liberty, and happiness. Though he has depression, anxiety, and drug abuse, he must learn to give others equality in order to gain positive progress.

Progress milestones:Signs of him improving would be a more controlled and responsible spending habit along with more social inclusion with others. He will show to grow back to his old self where he had his original goal to give everyone life, liberty and and happiness. Another sign would be him not doing drugs as it would show that he realized there are ways to feel pleasure without harmful substances. He will most likely feel more satisfied and appreciative with his accomplishments so that he will be overall happier.

Prognosis: A a quick rundown of American Dream´s struggle to get to his original goal will remind him of the feeling of the struggle and hard work it took for him so he will realized how destructive his behavior is to his original goal. If he can recover, he will most likely never regress back into old behavior and become a stronger person with a more intense determination to reach his goal.

Respectfully, Alex H & Allex H.

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CC BY-SA 4.0 Assessment Report on Mr.American Dream by Allex is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. Lawrence 2 years ago

    Great piece, but missing evidence.

  2. Vu 2 years ago

    I really like your focus on wealth and Mr. AD’s spending habits

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