For my research paper, I looked at many different articles. These articles were used to support my ideas or used to refute what I believe is the right thing. One of the articles that I found talked about how criminals get guns without being background checked. These criminals use their relatives or a friend to go to the gun store and buy a gun for them so it looks like the person who bought the gun won’t do any harm. One woman bought a gun for their husband without knowing what he was going to do with it and eventually shot someone and because she bought it for him, she was tried in court. I didn’t know this information before reading it in this article and it will really help me to write even more about this topic and will further advance my research paper so I can write more and put even more information on it.

When I find an article that I think I would use later in my research paper I look to see if the author is credible. I look him/her up and try to figure out if they have written somewhere else and if that website they wrote on is legit. I also see if the website is one that is known or one that has the wrong information. After reading the article I try to point out the main parts of it and try to put it into a category. I will have many different sections in my research paper that will branch off into other topics that I will discuss in my research paper. This way I can organize it and so I can find where I want to put the information I find.

It’s really cool that each and every time I look for articles referring to gun control, that I find something new to write about. I come across many different point of views and it’s hard to grasp every single argument for this topic because it’s so broad. There are so many different things I could talk about in my research paper like how gun control affects the second amendment, what guns should and shouldn’t be allowed, background checks, etc.

CC BY-SA 4.0 Gun Control Reflective Essay by Kavi is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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