Some mornings, some people look at the sunny sky and can’t get up in the mornings. They can’t stop thinking about the reality of life and the mind begins to destroy itself. A person can only accept so much pain before it breaks down. Depression controls people to a point that becomes unbearable.

This is a real thing. It is a real struggle, however now, a person could throw a stone and hit a person who claims to have depression or anxiety or suicidal thoughts.

People are now dependent on getting attention in this society. Now depression is a trend to be cool or accepted by. Those who actually struggle can barely look in the mirror anymore. They can’t smile when a bird chirps or even they look for other people wearing long sleeves in class, looking for someone with the same exact scars.

Depression has become a trend and not a disorder that causes pain. It has become an illusion of pain for those who have everything, and they need something to complain by. This trend has now made everyone look like a group of liars, and those who need the actual help, they have become overlooked as just “Teens in a tough spot.” Society needs to become better.

Photo by Logan Prochaska

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  1. Gigi 2 years ago

    I really appreciate this and how you depict depression. I think this was very accurate and I agree with what you said. I think that, not all, but a lot of people these days are claiming and blaming their “depression” for any bad decisions they make because it’s easy to blame you mistakes on something that you can’t control. I think a lot of people use depression as an excuse when they don’t really have it. And I think it’s very unfair to the people who are struggling with major depression or anxiety or OCD because these people who really are struggling or are suicidal even, will just be viewed as dramatic or just “a teen in a rough spot” as you put it. So I strongly agree and appreciate your concern.

  2. Skayla 2 years ago

    I really like the way in which you describe the pain individuals with depression are going through. However, I do not necessarily agree with your statement. If someone claims to be depressed they should be helped not made to beleive they are doing it for attention. People do not state they are depressed because, they want something to complain about. Why beat yourself up and create sadness in your life when you could be happy instead?

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