These ridges I fear
The ones outside made to cover the ones within
The darkness between each crevice, the nights of lone coldness
The way I feel,
The way I rub others.

The feeling they get, how others do
I do not know their intentions as these scales flake away
Succumbed by pressure of my own doing yet the pressure I seek from others

The attention I bring. I need. The way it darkens those holes and those spikes grow a little bigger
Just until I burst or until I’m left alone like one of those inflated fish

Scolded by my own doing
I know what has been done
Yet the eyes are focused outside


CC BY-SA 4.0 Pine Cone by Matthew is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. Leslye 2 years ago

    i like how you added your motions into this poem, it sounds as if you’re trying to send a message out there i also like the fact that how u made it short nut is also so meaningful.

  2. Daniel 2 years ago

    I really like this poem simply because of the metaphors used, and what it actually represents.

  3. Hannah 2 years ago

    This piece is very unique, you have a great voice, a little vague though. I liked how you used this description of a pinecone to describe yourself and your own oppression. You have a lot of tone and emotion in your writing which is so strong and beautiful.

  4. Alea 2 years ago

    I’m loving your writing style and this piece! It’s a bit confusing to me, for example, when you say “Scolded by my own doing/ I know what has been done/ Yet the eyes are focused outside” it leaves me with a chilling image, but a still very vague idea of what you are saying. This style reminds me a bit of how Sylvia Plath writes sometimes- it’s more about feeling, tone, and image than the actual words. This was beautiful! Thank you!

  5. Gigi 2 years ago

    I really appreciate this poem. I love poetry and I love it even more when there is a distinct writing style that is fluent and also meaningful. Thank you for sharing this because I can gather that from this that you can feel suppressed and I love how you relate this feeling to a pine cone. I love the line you wrote that says “I do not know their intentions as these scales flake away” because when I read that line I interpret it as you don’t know how people will react or how they will treat you once you show them the deeper sides to you; the layer beneath that flaking scales that could invite cruel intentions.

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