I am from the sweat off my mother’s brow
From the late night arthritis, shaking to feed our hungry mouths

I am from the place where no one saw anything
And everyone is innocent

I am from the place where addicts babysit your children while you’re left wondering what’s that screaming upstairs… well, until you hear the “firecrackers”
Then everything goes silent…

When family goes against each other for a high
And your brother is more loyal to the block rather than his own family.
When their friends are the only one that understand
Because they’re brought up to mean nothing to anyone even though they know they don’t come from that

I am from blessings and praises, the faint hearted yet strong willed
I am from the sole of the boot that stomps the head of the devil when he knocks on the door
I am from god
I am from the palette of man
a taste bud of life
I am from the art of sacrificing yourself for the ones that can’t be saved
I am from the genuine.
I am from the ones that think twelve steps ahead yet loses the king in the first move
From those who understands how it feels to over think and be underestimated, who tries to prevent the things that at the same time they become
Who don’t know when to stop
the ones who set themselves back
Who are ripped apart by possibilities


CC BY-SA 4.0 Possibilities by Matthew is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. Robin 2 years ago


    This was a very motivational piece, and shined a new light on the harsher subjects of living as a teenager during this time. I really appreciate your work and hope that others will as well. Thank you.

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