Since the last election, which was decided by the electoral college, I’ve decided to learn more about the electoral college. What it is, why it was made, and what it’s exact purpose is.

So far my understanding is that the electoral college was created by our founding fathers as a compromise for electing the president by a vote in Congress and the popular vote for citizens. Each state is represented by a number depending on a number of delegates, and after the populous of that state votes, the candidate with the most votes wins that number of delegates from the state.

The main concerns about this system are that a candidate can win a popular vote but lose because of the other candidate winning by the electoral vote. The main issue is that this goes against your typical thought of a democracy, where each vote from a citizen should count, and there should only be a popular vote, but the suggested pros to the electoral college are that it eliminates any necessity of a recount and that it includes the states in the election process as an integral part.

So my search for the answer to whether the electoral college is overall good or bad continues…

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  1. Haley 2 years ago

    This is also a topic I have been looking into extensively. I have found that one of the reasons for the electoral college is a compromise between the people voting and the congress voting, because many people did not believe that slave’s votes should count. Great post! I like your third party explanation of the electoral college. Very educational base.

  2. Mayree 2 years ago

    What a good argument you have brought to the table Erik. With are recent presidential election I think there is a lot that can be said about the Electoral College and its good that the question if it is good or bad has been brought up. This is a very controversial topic and I think many people argue that it is unfair and doesn’t really exemplify a democracy. So many people are out of touch and feel like they don’t have a say. Others might argue that it is a good thing and provides order in the voting process. I think your on to something Erik.

  3. Samuel 2 years ago

    The electoral college has its positives and negatives. Its sole purpose though is so that in elections it is not just states like California, Florida, and Texas the only representation with it being a popular vote. The electoral college allows small states like Rhode Island and Vermont to still have a say, but not as much as those three big states. Yet, the Electoral College still has not voted yet. There is nothing in the Constitution that says that the electoral college has to vote the way we voted. Though it is ideal and causes madness when peoples votes are thrown out. For those that are scared for Trump’s presidency, there is chance he might not even become president, especially with this election we may see the electoral college go against the electoral vote trend and follow the trend of the popular vote.

  4. Addie 2 years ago

    I like that this was an incomplete response but still gave the backing and information to help start a conversation or a different answer as to whether the electoral college is good or bad. I think that mainly peoples opinions on it change depending on whether or not their candidate wins which is why it is refreshing to see your response coming from an angle of research and not just partisan frustrations.

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