I want a president who knows what peace is,
Someone who knows war won’t solve things.
I want a president who isn’t racist and sexist,
Who respects the LGBTQ+ community and respects the Black Lives Matter movement.
Someone who won’t go against illegal immigrants and give them a fair chance at success.
I want a president who respects all and treats everyone as equals.
I want a president who isn’t selfish and puts others before themselves.
I want a president who isn’t just in it for the money and power.
A president who is honest and someone our country can truly trust.
I want someone to do the right thing for our country and all its citizens.
I want a president that listens to the people and has respect for all their wishes.
I want a president that makes life fair for all and makes it a life worth living.

Photo by torbakhopper


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  1. Cristian 3 years ago

    I agree on what your said everyone wants a president we can trust we can’t really have a president we don’t trust but also we have to give him a chances to prove himself we can trust him it’s a risk everyone has to take it can be scary i wish we wouldn’t take that chance though because a lot of things could happen in our country for example our society could be bad, we might also have more wars or our crimes rates could increase.by having a president that the Marjory of people disapprove of it tend will most likely not follow the law and be against it for examples riots this could be scary but we have to be positive about it good things could happened who knows its risk we all have to take

    Sincerely Cristian

  2. Jack 3 years ago

    Dear Hailey, very well written poem. The use of repetition and parallel structure really makes the message hit home for readers. You made some really interesting points in your poem and the fact-checker in me really liked most of your claims because they were valid. One claim, however, does not reign true. Trump actually respects the LGBTQ+ community and Black Lives Matter movements. The claims about anti-LGBTQ+ can be thrown at Vice President-Elect Pence, where he has advocated for conversion therapy. However, Trump does not believe that. Trump was even photographed holding a pride flag during one of his speeches. He also has never taken a definite stand on the Black Lives Matter movement, but one of his promised policies was to rebuild the infrastructure in many urban communities which could really help the movement. The rest of your claims were perfectly valid. He promised some things that were very outlandish; however, he seems to be going back on some of his ideas/promises from his campaign, which might be a good or bad thing depending on your outlook. That just shows how much America is very distrustful of him, just like you said, because I do not think America has seen the real Trump. I am a little timid to see what comes with a trump presidency, but I think we should all give him a chance.

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