1. Emma 4 years ago

    I enjoyed this poem. I feel like there was a deeper meaning behind this than what meets the eye. I loved how you talked about the journey of coral and how it ended up on shore and ended it’s journey. It was well written.

  2. Julius 4 years ago

    hey Zack , its Julius and I really like you’re poem, I like how the poem ends with “home, when after a long journey it landed”. It just puts a end to the poem very well. Also the poem makes me ask the question , do you want to be a marine biologist? I also like the fact the reef acts as a sort of guardian for the smaller fish who cant fend against these big fish.

  3. Mary 4 years ago

    Hey Zach, im mary and i really liked this story, i love the ocean and i also want to be a marine biologist when i grow up. This story basically describesthe life of a corral and i really enjoyed it.

  4. marren Silcox 4 years ago

    I really enjoyed this poem! I thought it was so cool that you put so much meaning into a simple object like coral. I liked how when I first started reading your poem I was thinking of a boring piece of coral floating around seabeds, but as I finished I saw the coral in a totally different perspective. What a cool poem!!

  5. Alejandro 4 years ago

    Hey Zack! So based on reading this poem it’s about a piece of coral. You described the environment the coral was in and I can really picture it. I think it’s cool that you told the story of the coral, it seems like objects can tell stories!

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