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  1. Jenessa 2 years ago

    Dear Ciara,
    You are correct NOTHING in this world ever last. Bad days, good days, okay days none of it last too long. But I don’t quite understand your motivation to write this poem. I don’t see a purpose for this poem other than someone being able to relate to it. Maybe that’s what you meant to do. I feel that you should have at least done something to make the reader actually feel like bad days don’t last. This poem feels as if it’s in the perspective of a pessimist. Even though you’re saying bad days don’t last it doesn’t seen like you mean it. Maybe that’s the whole point of this poem and I’m just missing it but, yeah, bad days DON’T last.

  2. Vicky 2 years ago

    You are right. Bad days never last unless you make them last. Tomorrow will always be better and you owe it to yourself to keep motivating you. This poem was really touching and I enjoyed reading it. 🙂

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