when you are with me my hands are not my own

when you are with me i want to run away

when you are with me i feel like i can’t breathe

a lump forms in my throat

my hands shake

my foot taps

when i am with you i am afraid

when i am with you i want to run away

when i am with you i


leave me


Photo by bazzadarambler

CC BY-SA 4.0 Anxiety by Ciara is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  1. Katie 1 year ago

    I really liked this poem, it has a powerful message. Even people who don’t have anxiety can read this poem and understand a little what anxiety is like. You do a good job giving detail and maxing anxiety come alive as a person.

  2. Dani.ing 1 year ago

    This is so powerful and moving. This is a very creative way to express the way anxiety feels. I really like the personification you used. Wonderful poem.

  3. Zachary 1 year ago

    I thought this was a very good poem, i felt this to be very relatable and you described the feelings you get
    perfectly. Great job.

  4. Montana 1 year ago

    This poem was very powerful. I like how you describe anxiety and how it feels. Great job.

  5. Hannah 1 year ago

    as someone who struggles with anxiety, I find this poem powerful and relatable. the brevity and abruptness of the poem is very impactful, you did a very good job.

  6. Genevieve 1 year ago

    I really enjoyed reading this. You did a very good job of showing what anxiety is and what it is like. It is very powerful like Abbi said. Awesome job.

  7. Abbi 1 year ago

    This was such a powerful piece. I really like the abrupt ending, I think that it really works well with the subject matter and the style of the rest of the piece. In the first line, I think you’re missing the word “me”. Other than that, excellent work.

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