I will write about the push back against the new analytic revolution in basketball. In particular the mid range shot and if it has become more open but less shot in response to the numbers movement. This is different than most papers on this subject as they focus on converting others to this analytical thinking and not the results of a more number based era. Has there been any backlash to the analytical revolution in basketball? Reading more I have discovered that this takeover has been almost completely adopted by the league. As I have read more the basic idea behind this new way of thinking is to take more threes and minimize the number of mid range jumpers. However right now Demar Derozan is leading the league in scoring and shoots the highest percentage of his shoots from the mid range area. I believe that as more teams adopt the offense pioneered by the Golden State Warriors defensive schemes will adjust and leave holes in between the perceived more efficient threes and layups. There is no real research being done on this right now and I plan on looking at raw data to try and draw my own conclusions.


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