I intend to research about the knowledge of genetics and cells and the controversies surrounding how they are being utilized. I want to specifically look into cancer and just other ways that this new information is going through the medical field. It is obviously a very recent development in the study that had started at least a century ago or so, and it excites me on how they are using this in all sorts of manners to solve some of the big problems facing us in this day and age. There have been many different forms that this biotechnology is being used, and each of them has a unique approach to the knowledge that we have. Many of them are used to gain more knowledge. Yet still, there are people who remain unconvinced that this practice is safe and trustworthy. Many are hesitant to be introduced to the may uses and even less with the things that might be affected by it, like GMOs or medical practices. I want to be able to take part in this and help others with the growing research in my future career, but also be understanding to what makes people so worried about these practices that use the new discoveries, so I want to be as knowledgeable as I can be about it going in. I also want to share the awe and excitement that I get from learning about this to many others to get them just as excited in what we are able to accomplish now and what might be in store for us in the future. To ensure that I am looking into all sides of the arguments surrounding such research, I want to be able to learn about the pros and cons of what is going on and what are some controversial feelings that people have. I want to make sure to look into reliable sources and to cross check my facts to be certain that it is a legitimate argument and a side to a controversy rather than someone just sprouting their feelings without any background knowledge or understanding. Many of these people who have some sort of fear or apprehensiveness to genetic technology usually end up encountering conflicting answers to their questions, and I intend to be of some help to clarify some of the confusion.

I have found many sources that point to the benefits of such genetic technologies and such, but I am still looking for other legitimate sources that point out some of the controversies or negative aspects to this practice. It would help me greatly if you would be willing to share your own feelings about this topic and why you feel in such a manner. Have you come across this topic before in school or somewhere else? Do you think that this is a good idea or should we not continue with this research? Do you feel that it is harmful or beneficial to people? What exactly worries you about this technology if it does? Why or why not? What credible evidence might you have come across that you can use to support your claim? How do you think we might improve this practice if we continue it? I am curious as to what you guys might have to say about a topic that is very new and relevant to your life. I really want to be able to understand the general confusion so I can find the best way to help as I go into the real world with this as my career. Article/links would be very helpful if you choose to add them in. Thank you!


— Thaarini Swami


CC BY-SA 4.0 Biotechnology and Genetics: Good Or Bad? by Thaarini is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. Louis 3 years ago

    Thaarini, this is a very thought provoking idea. Bio tech is a hugely up and coming field, and is attracting more and more eyes as we get closer to achieving true artificial intelligence. One of the coolest possibilities for bio tech IMO is the idea of nano bots. Way way cool. Still a long way down the road, but a really fun thing to think about.

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