For many, attaining happiness is the ultimate goal. However, I have always wondered what makes someone happy. Is is something that has to do with our brain chemistry and how it interprets the world? Is is a conscious choice one makes? Or could it be a combination of many factors? There are countless theories and explanations to explain these questions, but I want to explore all the possibilities and gather information to come to a conclusion through my research. By understanding why some individuals are happier than others, we can learn a lot about the brain and people around us.

Since happiness is something most people say they want, it is very applicable and significant to everyone. This topic is also extremely relevant and pressing in our world now. T.M. Luhrmann states that there has been a 36.7% increase in mental illnesses such as depression in the world since 1990. This is a dramatic increase in the way people have been feeling, and it needs attention and problem solving to help mend. I hope to address the cause of this increase in mental illness in the world and augment a conversation about happiness, its cause, and the decline of happiness in the world.

I don’t know what it means to be happy or what makes somebody happy quite yet, but I am excited to read widely and search for what might be the answer. Since this topic involves science and human behavior I plan to search for information through TED talks, online articles, and psychology journals. I would also like to do surveys through YouthVoices to get individual’s views who are in my age group and integrate my findings in my research paper. Being happy and joyful is the greatest feeling, and I aspire for my paper to help others learn information about this topic and find happiness themselves.


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  1. Paige 2 years ago

    I agree that happiness is something that all people want, yet many people struggle finding it. The fact that there was a 36.7% increase in mental illness is crazy. Recently I created a portfolio of pieces of American Literature about happiness. Doing this project helped me realize all the different interpretations of happiness. I believe happiness is something that is contagious. When you see someone who is happy it reminds you to be happy also. I am interested to see what you find out through research!

  2. Jessica 2 years ago

    I agree that being happy is the ultimate goal of a person. However, a better word to describe this is being fulfilled. I think most people get pure authentic joy from connections with other humans around them. It is funny how our world emphasizes the importance of acquiring goods, when most people really need authentic connections with others and community in order to be happy.

  3. Jackson 2 years ago

    I really appreciated the fact that you inputted actual sources into your paper. It makes your paper a lot more trustworthy and annunciates the point. I would suggest that you reword your closing statement. The rest of the essay is just so well put that the closing statement seems to cut you and the audience short on your overall message.

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