I have decided to research the surgical techniques of amputations and how the outcomes affect the quality of life. In my research paper, I will share my personal experiences about the conventional amputation and Ertl procedure as a revision has impacted me. I am also planning on including some patient stories about the results of types of surgeries. The article, Ertl procedure gives amputees better limb function, from the Unversity of Health explains how Dr. Ertl performs the Ertl procedure on amputees from around the world. For example, a good analogy for this type of surgical technique is when Dr. Ertl states: “[i]t’s comparable to the way a rubber band works: when you stretch it, it stores energy. Cut it, and it retracts, losing its ability to contract. “If we give muscles an attachment and establish a certain length, then the limb can generate power, and if it can generate power, then the muscle can get bigger,” (“Ertl procedure gives amputees better limb function). He even explains how the type of surgery that he does attracts many amputees that do not have positive results with their original amputations (Ertl procedure gives amputees better limb function). This one article just goes to show how this certain procedure can help many amputees including me. I hope that in the future many other amputees will have the chance of receiving this procedure. The Ertl procedure has been life-changing.


Works Cited:

“Ertl Procedure Gives Amputees Better Limb Function.” IU Health. N.p., 25 July 2014. Web. 18 Nov. 2016.



  1. Author
    Katie 4 years ago

    Dear Ellisandra,
    Thank you so much for commenting on my post. Yes, I do agree with you that amputees in other countreis should have better access to prosthetics. I am glad that you are interested in technology and science because that would be a great career for you to go into, since it always changing!

  2. Ellisandra 4 years ago

    Katie, thank you for sharing. I have never heard of the Erl procedure. I have seen amputees but I had no idea what the procedure or system was for it. I think that amputees should be more easily accessible especially in other countries who have people who need an amputee. Technology and science advances always intrigue me because there always new findings and advancements.
    Thanks for sharing!

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