With being one of the biggest money making industries, comes a price. Racism in sports is just a topic that has flown under the radar for too long. Not enough people are aware of the issue itself, because it is overlooked and often times “played off” as something that is not really there. The reality is that it is “the elephant in the room” according to Sports Illustrated’s, Charles Grantham, who wrote an article of awareness on the topic. Grantham points out “the percentage of black males in the student body of most universities is low. But the percentage of black males participating in the revenue-generating sports of football and basketball on these same campuses is extremely high.” A shocking statistic is that 75% of football and basketball in the NCAA are black. Something that makes me question the topic is that the GPA requirement to be eligible for an entire season in the NCAA is a 1.8. This is approximately a C- grade. I guess “C’s really do get degrees don’t they? To be honest it is insulting for the NCAA to have such low expectations for their prized “student” athletes. Another questionable thing that the NCAA has to answer for is the fact that they won’t pay their athletes. Grantham suggests that “the NCAA has found a way to not only increase the value of the athlete’s performances for these universities, but also devalue the one commodity they offered athletes in return.” This is saying that by maintaining low GPAs they will be able to focus less on the classroom and more on making them money or in other words “playing” their sport. This is also a way of defacing the value of education. These division one and division two colleges can cost upwards of 50,000 a year for non-scholarship students. With all of they they are taking the athlete’s minds off the fact that they are not being paid and they get to come to the university for free. Wake up America, this issue needs to be in focus.

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