Writing a long research paper is complex and daunting. The key is taking it step by step. If you try to conquer it without a plan then it will end in disaster, but if you take it step by step than you will be able to complete it. Step one is finding a topic. There are so many topics out there to pick from, all you have to do is narrow it down. It’s certainly easier said than done. I have just completed step one and decided to address the question of how to get the best sleep possible. How many of you know someone who often gets a good night sleep? Being around teenagers I don’t know of anyone who can truly say they slept well and aren’t tired. I want to be able to help encourage people to get a better night’s sleep because sleep helps us function better the next day.

Step two is researching the topic. I have just started the process and found that recently there was a major breakthrough in understanding why humans need sleep. Without sleep we wouldn’t have a way to clean our brains and prepare for the next day. A researcher at Harvard Medical School said, “the purpose of sleep is to clear the brain of toxins” (Underwood). Our brain has channels that are filled with fluid and the new understanding is that these fluid filled chambers help to move the toxins out of our brain (Underwood). This is just the beginning of my research on sleep. There are so many other unknowns, such as, does the cleaning of the brain regulate how we sleep? Could not getting a good night sleep and cleaning the toxins from our brain cause any issues in the long run? I am looking forward to learning more and sharing all that I learn about sleep.


Underwood, Emily. “Sleep: The Ultimate Brainwasher?” Science | AAAS. N.p., 17 Oct. 2013. Web. 17 Nov. 2016. 


CC BY-SA 4.0 Sleep is Important by Lena is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  1. chavezadrian360 3 years ago

    Hey Lena. I really enjoyed your take on sleep and the necessity of more of it. There is always at least that one person in every class who is sleeping or says “I’m tired”. It is true that teens need to get more sleep. Sometimes, we sleep late because we may have happened to have received a lot a homework for the day or we have jobs, involved in sports, etc. But also many just tend to procrastinate which will force them to write a paper or do a project the day before which will decrease sleep for that night. But I am really glad to hear another reasoning on why we sleep. Hopefully we will know more in the future.

  2. Andreas 3 years ago

    Sleep is such an important topic, especially because people are sacrificing a lot of sleep these days to get things done. We are sort of brushing it aside because people don’t know why we need sleep. Information of why we need sleep needs to be more present in society so that a good nights rest is more highly valued. I thought you might like this article: http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2010/05/sleep/max-text. It looks like you could be able to find some good info in it.

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